CBRE Warehouse Showcase – Sigma Healthcare


Sigma Healthcare has one of the largest pharmacy networks in Australia, distributing to both community and hospital pharmacies nationwide. At its new distribution centres (DCs) in Perth and Brisbane, Sigma implemented innovative automation solutions for order fulfilment.

“The competitiveness of the pharmaceuticals industry today is very high. Pharmacies are constantly pushing Sigma as their sole distributor for increased service levels, which were just not achievable at previous operation rates,” says Paul Brown, National Operations Manager, Logistics for Sigma. “By initiating a more innovative approach to fulfilment, we can make the most of our DCs with advanced automation ensuring the highest efficiency”.

The overarching goal was to modernise its new DCs with the latest in automated picking technology. Sigma selected a Goods-to-Person (GTP) Picking Solution from Dematic, to provide enhanced speed, productivity, and accuracy rates through the reduction of manual put away, replenishment, and picking processes.

The GTP solution delivers items directly to ergonomically optimised pick stations – eliminating the need for operators to manually locate and retrieve items by travelling across the DC floor. The solution enhances operator performance by combining high-density, secure storage with the rapid rates and accuracy of the pick stations.

The solution also provides a safer workspace for all DC staff, meeting all regulations for Work Health and Safety, OH&S, Guide to Good Distribution Practice (GDP) for Medicinal Products, and the government health regulations around COVID-19.

The DCs efficiently handle current order volumes and the increased number of SKUs, with room to accommodate future volume growths. Accuracy has improved markedly, and product damage has been reduced.

“The modular and scalable solution provides us with the flexibility to optimise current operations and to expand as our business grows,” says Paul. “Likewise, the ability to manage logistics costs and forecast budgets has been a significant benefit to Sigma.” ν

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