As it turns out, things don’t always go smoothly at the North Pole. Some years, the naughty and nice lists change at the last minute, requiring an expedited gift or a cancellation (womp, womp). Other times, poor elf scheduling has caused the workshop to run behind schedule. Disruptions can also get in the way — specialty parts for the latest toys might get stuck in transit, or poor visibility during the big night could prompt Old Saint Nick to add an inexperienced glowing-nosed reindeer to his logistics team. Luckily, there’s always been enough Christmas magic to help Santa solve any hiccups along the way.

But this year — more than ever — Kris Kringle and his elves could really benefit from a little more resilience and a lot less uncertainty in their supply chain, so they’ve hired a new head elf named Blue to do exactly that. Learn how Blue is using technology to streamline operations, gain more visibility and create more elf-ficiencies to handle any future disruptions.

Take a look.