Vanderlande introduces piece-picking robot

Vanderlande's piece-picking robot

Vanderlande says it has added a new automated piece-picking robot to its warehouse Smart Item Robotics portfolio of technologies.

It says the picking robot features intelligent gripper technology, a sophisticated vision system and control software, and can deliver benefits including stable 24/7 operations and comes with a lower regular retail price.

American company, RightHand Robotics designed the technology, which is specifically suitable for warehouses and DCs handling general merchandise.

“The market wants integrated robotics that work, so we’ve tested the world’s leading robot solutions,” Terry Verkuijlen, Vanderlande’s Vice President of Warehouse Solutions says.

“Our findings showed that RightHand Robotics’ use of gripper technology, vision systems and software algorithms is the best fit for automated general merchandise warehouses, whereas different combinations of robot pickers are the best for other specialist applications.”

The Toyota-owned company says it tested the world’s leading robot-picking solutions before opting for this latest innovation, and says it is beneficial for its customers who may be finding it increasingly difficult to attract and retain a stable workforce.

It notes it selects and integrates robotic solutions into its wide range of warehousing solutions such as the goods-to-picker order fulfilment system FASTPICK.

The Dutch-founded company also says that by using robots for order assignments it gives its customers greater flexibility because orders can be picked manually and automatically.

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