Shoppers reveal e-commerce knowledge in survey: CP

E-commerce knowledge

CouriersPlease (CP) says shoppers have revealed their knowledge of –  or lack thereof – regarding e-commerce in a new survey.

CP says it commissioned a survey of an independent panel of 1010 online shoppers who had made at least three purchases in the last three months. Its aim was to gauge how challenging consumers perceive the online journey to be, and whether their perceptions are correct.

The delivery company presented respondents with seven roles in the online shopping journey: the warehouse packer, goods dispatcher, the courier’s freight handler, the retailer’s customer service, the line-haul driver who transports parcels between depots, the fleet delivery driver who delivers parcels to shoppers, and the courier’s customer service representative.

CP notes the results show 41 per cent of consumers believe customer service representatives have the toughest role with 27 per cent saying it was the courier’s customer service representatives who have the most difficult job while the remaining 14 per cent chose the retailer’s customer service representative.

“The results reflect the reality that shoppers really only have direct contact with customer service people on both the retailer and courier side,” Richard Thame, CP’s CEO says.

“These jobs bring with them an immense pressure to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction with empathy, patience and care, while working to retain customer loyalty,” he adds.

“A shopper’s customer service experience can make or break for retailers and couriers. It makes sense that shoppers also believe a courier’s customer service people have a tougher job than a retailer’s customer service people – as the ‘last mile’ is a longer and more complex journey.”

CP says shoppers voted the retailer warehouse packer as the second toughest job with 21 per cent of respondents choosing this role while just 12 per cent of respondents believed delivery drivers have the most difficult role.

Respondents chose customer service representatives as being under the most pressure to deliver customer satisfaction with 42 per cent of consumers selecting it.

CP says shoppers also believed that warehouse packers (chosen by 19 per cent), delivery drivers (17 per cent) and dispatchers (12 per cent) are high-pressure roles.

“It is important not to discount the importance of each role in the online shopping journey,” Richard says.

“There are several people involved in the process to pack and deliver parcels to households safely and quickly, and often must work together to ensure a seamless process,” he adds.

“While every role in the journey experiences varying degrees of pressure, at CP we never take for granted a delivery driver’s demanding role.

“Drivers face multiple challenges they must navigate each day from traffic congestion to dogs on properties and inclement weather – all while ensuring they deliver their daily parcel quota in a fixed timeframe, especially in the peak Christmas season when parcel volumes tend to double.

“Ultimately, couriers and retailers work together very well to ensure consumers have the best online shopping experience possible. Couriers are – by and large – an extension of the retailers they partner with. Often the courier is the shoppers only touchpoint with their retailer.

“It is important for retailers to consider possible improvements they can make to the online shopping journey, from a seamless check-out process to the most efficient deliveries.”

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