Manhattan Associates wins omnichannel award

Omnichannel award

Manhattan Associates says its Manhattan Active Omni Solution Suite has won the Omni-Channel Excellence & Innovation Award in the 2022 Vendors in Partnership (VIP) Awards.

The supply chain technology company notes the award recognises the technological innovation that helps retailers go to the next level and provides the largest productivity improvement, cost reduction and competitive advantage in the industry.

“We are proud that Manhattan Active Omni has won the award for Omni-Channel Excellence & Innovation by Vendors in Partnership,” Raghav Sibal, Manhattan Associates’ Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand, says.

“This solution provides complete control of every aspect of omnichannel retail operations – at headquarters, in the contact centre or in the store,” he adds.

“With this solution, everyone has the same holistic view of customers and their transactions in real time, regardless of channel, with built-in case management, in-store fulfilment, social listening, and customer text communications.

“We are also the only company in the world that has been named a leader in warehouse management, transportation management and order management by Gartner and Forrester.

“This award win, along with our win earlier in the year at the Vendors in Partnership Awards in New York for Best Distribution Innovation, is further recognition of our market-leading innovation and preeminence in Supply Chain Commerce.”

Manhattan Associates says its Active Omni Solution Suite is the first of its kind, engineered for omnichannel retail and built to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

It adds that it is a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, which incorporates order management, point of sale and customer engagement that is always current, continuously adaptative, and fully extensible.

“Simplifying the supply chain reaps benefits across the enterprise,” Vicki Cantrell, Vendors in Partnership’s founder and CEO, says.

“Clearly those that voted and the judges saw a compelling story in Manhattan’s use of advanced technologies,” she adds.

Manhattan Associates says the VIP Awards are an annual industry celebration of the solution providers and innovations that are powering the retail ecosystem. They acknowledge service to the retail industry, the new ways that partnerships were formed, and the recent challenges that were overcome.

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