Improving five processes before investing in automation

Improving five processes

Prological Consulting says it has released a new whitepaper to help businesses best prepare for a shift to automation, using insights it has gained from working with some of the world’s largest companies.

The whitepaper is called A Guide to Operational Excellence: Five Processes to Explore Before Making Your Automation Investment.

The supply chain consultancy says the paper explores advancements in the automation industry, the rise in choice of vendors, and the complexities involved in finding the right fit.

Additionally, it says the paper examines the risks of rushing the process, and the very real impacts these mistakes have on costs, operations, and the ability to scale.

“There is no such thing as a silver bullet in supply chain operations, and by seeing it as an easy fix, many businesses make the expensive mistake of automating before they are ready,” Peter Jones, Founder and Managing Director of Prological Consulting, says.

Prological notes while almost every industry today uses automation of some kind, the pressure from consumers is driving more organisations to automate, especially in the retail and e-commerce environment.

It adds to compete in today’s market, retailers now need the capabilities to receive an order, fulfil it an hour later and have it shipped to the customer the next day, or in some cases, the very same day.

It says to achieve this, the number of processes involved – from procurement to delivery and everything in between – shows exactly how crucial it is to getting automation right.

“By being ready, not only will you drive a better outcome for your organisation, but you will also give the vendors a better chance of presenting a response tightly aligned to your requirements,” Peter says.

“Following these beneficial steps means your business will be confident if it is asking the right questions and is in a strong position to pressure test the technology options presented,” he adds.

Prological asks with so many vendors, types of automation, and software on the market – what do companies need to be cautious of and how can they ensure they are making the right decision?

It says to support the industry and its clients to ensure these mistakes do not happen, it has produced a whitepaper to recommend some key steps to complete before embarking on any automation journey.

To view and download Prological Consulting’s whitepaper, click here.


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