Amazon’s Siddharth Yadwad speaking at Forum 2022

Forum 2022

Siddharth Yadwad is Site Manager for Amazon Australia. The Australian Logistics Council says he will be one of the guest speakers at its Forum 2022 on Wednesday May 25.

Siddharth (Sid) Yadwad is the Site Leader of Amazon’s Robotics fulfilment centre in Kemps Creek, Sydney – the first of its type in the Southern Hemisphere. He was responsible for the site’s launch in February 2022 and leads its operations with the objective of creating Australia’s safest and best engaged workplace, while continuing to raise the bar for Amazon’s customers with respect to speed, selection, and cost.

With a background in engineering and management consulting, Sid joined Amazon seven years ago in the UK, as a member of Amazon’s Pathways accelerated leadership program. Since that time, he’s served across a range of sites, and as the Head of Operations of Amazon subsidiary Book Depository, before returning to Australia in 2020 to lead our Moorebank site, and later, launch out Kemps Creek site.

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