Women In Industry Nominees

Women in Industry

Prime Creative Media hosted the Women in Industry Awards on Thursday April 7th, spotlighting outstanding contributions from women working across a range of industries including manufacturing, transport, and supply chain. MHD profiles some of this year’s inspiring nominees in our industry.

Industry Advocacy Award Nominee

Hermione Parsons – Director, Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics, Deakin University

Dr Hermione Parsons is Industry Professor and Director of the Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics at Deakin University. She and her team formed and implemented Wayfinder. They worked with the university’s 16 industry partners to build talent and capability in an industry that’s trying to attract employees with the skills and capabilities it needs. Additionally, Dr Hermione has researched the underrepresentation of women in supply chain and logistics. Her focus has been on attraction and retention as well as providing new understandings about millennials and the important leadership roles they have which will help shape the industry. She says her research findings will also assist with devising future workforce strategies. 

Excellence in Transport Award Nominees

Heather Jones – Director, Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls

Heather Jones is among the one per cent of female drivers in Australia who’s behind the wheel of the world’s largest trucks. She not only has taken up the challenge of becoming possibly one of Australia’s leading multi-combination drivers but has also become an elite road train trainer whose expertise is sought across Australia. She has trained bulk freight state drivers and has run her own company, Success Transport, which operates between Pilbara and Perth. She established “Pilbara Girls Heavy Haulage”, a centre that offers training to indigenous women and victims of domestic violence. 

Merry Manton – Board Member, Transport Women Australia Limited

Merry Manton has been active in the transport industry for approximately 40 years. She has been a Board Director and Chair of Transport Women Australia Limited. She was the first female elected to the Board of the Queensland Transport Association where she also held the role of Treasurer for a period. She is responsible for providing advice to transport companies to mitigate daily risk exposures that the transport industry experiences. She is aware of the challenges that many transport companies have in their day-to-day operations. She has always looked to improve the life of those in the industry. 

Penny Ford – Executive Director (Transport Planning Services), Department of Transport and Main Roads, QLD

Penny has been involved in the Transport Industry for over 20 years. She works in the Department of Transport and Main Roads. During this time, she has been involved in transport modelling and data analytics, traffic engineering, construction, design, asset management and has found a passion for her current focus – Transport Planning. For the last 10 years she has been in leadership and executive roles, leading large multidisciplinary teams based in locations across Queensland. In Penny’s role as Executive Director (Transport Planning Projects), she leads a large multidisciplinary team that works with stakeholders all over Queensland to plan for all modes of transport state-wide. 

Excellence in Manufacturing Award Nominee

Noelle Parlier – Chief Engineer, PACCAR Australia

Noelle has been Chief Engineer of PACCAR Australia since October 2018. She is responsible for leading the team of engineers designing Kenworth and DAF trucks. She contributes to this with her extensive engineering expertise and has experience with developing successful products. Her involvement in the continued manufacture of Kenworth in Australia and expansion of the local assembly capability, and now design of some of the DAF product range for manufacture locally, is without doubt due to her foresight, creative thought, capacity for future planning, leadership, and influence. 

Excellence in Engineering Award Nominee sponsored by BAE Systems

Narelle Dobson – Director Special Projects, Department of Transport and Main Roads, QLD

Narelle has contributed to civil engineering for the Department of Transport and Main Roads through design, technical document development, construction and asset management of road pavements and other transport infrastructure. At the department, she has a cross-disciplinary leadership role where she also manages data for the construction industry. Some of her achievements include leading the development of the department’s first High Standard Granular supplementary specification and which enables low-cost pavement solutions, and which was successfully used on the Darra to Springfield Transport Corridor Project and leading revision of the Western Queensland Best Practice Guidelines for using non-standard pavement materials.

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