Bridgestone using Dematic AGVs

Dematic's AGVs

Dematic says Bridgestone will be using its Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) solution at its new Truganina warehouse in Melbourne.

The intelligent automated solution provider says the AGV system will help Bridgestone with its warehouse operations by managing, transporting, and storing product pallets throughout the facility.

It adds that the vehicles also transport picked pallets for replenishment to selected handover locations, or outbound replenishment and other staging areas.

“By implementing this AGV solution, we can boost our efficiency levels by automating the transportation and put-away of products throughout the warehouse, not only without compromising, but in fact improving the safety of our warehouse staff,” Nick Tzuntzurkas, ANZ National Warehouse Manager at Bridgestone, says.

“Alongside these improved safety standards, the AGV will help us to reduce wasted travel time, seeing resources re-allocated across the site,” he adds.

He says the efficiencies Bridgestone has gained in time, space, and staff allows the company’s employees to concentrate on other important tasks around the warehouse, and further improve customer service for internal and external stakeholders.

Dematic says the AGV solution includes custom-designed functionalities that enable Bridgestone to operate the vehicle for up to 24 hours with opportunity charging.

It notes the selected ‘Counterbalance Model’ AGV has a load capacity of 1500 kgs and lift height of 4 m.

It adds that the AGV works as a driverless and automated forklift, controlled by Dematic software to be loaded with data before setting off on daily tasks.

“Our AGV systems are tailor-designed to navigate any warehouse space with a laser-guidance system, using on-board hazard detection to avoid collisions,” Tony Raggio, General Manager of Sales, Mobile Automation at Dematic, says.

“This high-end navigation allows them to move around a facility optimally and safely,” he adds.

He also says the AGVs are powered by maintenance-free batteries and can drive themselves onto charging floor plates at times of inactivity to be charged.

“The robust design and 360-degree safety field of protection allows our AGVs to effectively and safely co-work with operators and any other warehouse machinery or vehicles,” Tony says.

“In the short time their AGV system has been in operation, Bridgestone are already seeing the benefits at the new Melbourne facility,” he adds.

Dematic says its AGVs have been developed to operate with a high level of autonomy. It also notes they can provide 24/7 service to improve output for a fast return on vehicle investment.

It adds that they provide a very high level of system redundancy and eliminate most human errors that can cause costly damages or picking and loading mistakes.

“With the safety of our warehouse team our top priority, the use of automation with this new AGV investment will help us to create a safer workplace and minimise process errors that may lead to damaged products,” Nick says.

“We’re very pleased with our new AGV solution, which is streamlining on-the-floor operations with automation to increase the efficiency of our supply chain for the benefit of our customers.”

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