Ozkor making pallets in Australia

Ozkor pallets

Ozkor, Australian plastics materials handling products supplier has recently started making plastic export pallets in Sydney.

It says by manufacturing the products in Australia, it produces considerable savings for its customers by not needing to pass on unreasonable shipping costs to them.

Additionally, it also means lead times can be days instead of the traditional eight to 10 weeks for full container loads of goods.

“We made the decision last year to prioritise the relocation of export pallet production tools to Australia as increased costs – due to shipping – was out of control and there was no certainty as to how many more price increases would need to be absorbed or passed onto customers,” Alan Morgan, National Marketing Manager at Ozkor, says.

“This evolved into what has become a perfect storm of interrelated negative impacts on supply chain resources such as wooden pallets, and to some degree, has been mitigated by producing our plastic export pallets in Australia once again.”

According to Ozkor, as companies worldwide have been impacted by the escalation of international shipping costs, as well as the complexities associated with supply chain disruption over the past couple of years, they might be reflecting on the viability of sourcing locally manufactured products or bringing production of goods back to Australia.

Alan notes Australian exporters have been struggling with the rising costs and supply of timber export pallets in recent times but now Ozkor plastic export pallets provide not only a more reliable source of supply, but at prices that are even more competitive than ever before.

Ozkor says it counts itself fortunate to be benefitting from the increasing demand for Australian goods such as food and pharmaceuticals.

It adds that many of Australia’s leading exporters of these products are customers who continue to grow their markets in China, India, Europe, and the USA despite international uncertainties.

“The most important baseline constants we share with our exporting customers must be the supply of good quality products at competitive prices in line with their predetermined schedules,” Alan says.

“By manufacturing in Australia, it gives Ozkor more control to meet their high expectations,” he adds.

Ozkor notes its two export models are the Expal-1100 and the Expal-1140. It says both are ISPM-15 approved for export purposes – and unlike wooden alternatives – are more hygienic with no need to be heat treated to protect them against pest infestation before exporting.

It adds that its plastic export pallets have a residual value so they can be reused or recycled after use where most wooden export pallets are normally for single use only and end up as landfill waste.

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