ALC welcomes NSW policy review

NSW policy review

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) says it has welcomed the findings of the New South Wales Greater Cities Commission review of the industrial lands retain and manage policy.

In a submission to the review in 2021, ALC notes it called for the retain and manage policy to be preserved to protect industrial lands in Greater Sydney and to ensure adequate room for freight work as it grows.

“ALC welcomes the findings of the review and urges all levels of government to work together to ensure they are implemented going forward,” Brad Williams, ALC CEO, says.

“We are confident the findings of the review, to maintain and strengthen the ‘retain and manage’ policy will deliver the right outcomes for industry, the economy, and the greater Sydney community,” he adds.

He adds that the commission’s draft guiding principles to support and strengthen the policy are encouraging.

He also notes that in the ALC’s submission to the review, it mentioned encroachment of residential and other sensitive uses on industrial lands has given rise to restrictions on freight and logistics operators.

“These include curfews, truck limits, restricted roads, increase road congestion and increasing the tyranny of distance – all of which only serve to put greater cost pressures on the industry, and subsequently, consumers,” Brad says.

He adds that the key outcomes of the review, which noted the need to protect industrial land, meant the policy would continue to apply and maintain protections of critical industrial land that is key to the future of the supply chain.

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