Dare Cross Belt Sorter

Damon Dare Cross Belt Sorter

Damon Technology speaks to MHD about its Dare Cross Belt Sorter, a sortation solution that helps companies meet increasing demands for high delivery volume by improving their distribution centres, e-commerce, and express parcel logistics operations.

With more companies using intelligent conveying and sorting technology than ever before, major distribution centre requirements are at an all-time high. This is why it’s providing them its Dare Cross Belt Sorter (DCBS). 

The intelligent logistics system and equipment company explains how the DCBS helps with e-commerce operations and express parcel logistics by moving a variety of products. It’s also configured to suit warehouse spatial layouts. 

The DCBS can be widely used in the sorting of medium and large goods, order allocation, store distribution, and other applications to meet the increasing demand for high delivery volume. 

Dare Cross Belt Sorter: The superstar in intelligent sorting

DCBS is comprised of multiple carriages fitted with conveyor belts running in a horizontal direction in the closed circular track. 

The carriage conveyor belts run perpendicular to the direction of main movement to load and unload goods. 

By adopting Damon’s standard design, this product and its components can be assembled and disassembled quickly to enable convenient maintenance. 

Some of its key features include high efficiency, speed, precision, reliability, and low consumption and noise. 

Intelligent: Data interconnection

As a “smart unit” in the logistics system, the sorter can provide a multitude of intelligent services for users.

Combined with the PHEGDA (PHM) system, users are provided with real time monitoring of system capacity and health of equipment to ensure the system is always running optimally. 

Performance improvement: Excellent and high-efficient 

The fastest running speed of the main line can reach 2.5 m/s, which greatly shortens the conveying time of goods.

Not only that, under the stable transmission speed of 2m/s, the sorting efficiency can reach 12,000 pcs/h, realising the high-speed and high-intensity operation of the system. 

Perfect technique: Accurate sorting 

By using servo electric roller direct drive technology, the system can start and respond in milliseconds. 

Wireless communication roaming technology enables more accurate equipment control and timely data transmission of the whole process. 

Pulse technology ensures the precise alignment of objects, resulting in a sorting error rate almost zero.

Durable: Equipment is stable and reliable 

The low noise moving structure can carry goods with a maximum weight of 30kg. 

Furthermore, the sorter is equipped with overload and emergency stop protection devices and audible and visual alarms. 

Based on high-density exhaust and heat dissipation technology, the overload capacity of the integrated high-efficiency motor can reach up to 200 per cent giving it a high safety factor. 

Motor Optimisation: Energy saving and reduced consumption

Through low-energy drive technology, the drive energy efficiency of the motor is increased by 20 per cent compared with a traditional motor under the premise of satisfying the efficient and accurate operation of the equipment.

Compared with asynchronous motors, the efficiency of Damon’s synchronous motors can be increased by 330 per cent, while the energy consumption can be reduced by approximately 70 per cent. 

Customised: Flexible layouts 

The flexibility of single-layer, double-layer and even multi-layer construction takes full advantage of the space available on site to allow for maximum sorting paths. 

The upper and lower layers can operate cooperatively or independently. The chutes can be customised as required, including two-in-one, all-in-one, and other modes. 

Inject efficient power into the customer’s logistics system

The cross-belt sorting system consists of product infeed (automatic or manual), distancing in order, parcel positioning, information identification, sorting host, chutes, and control systems, Damon explains. 

The infeed speed is not affected by the weight of the goods. It can efficiently sort a variety of cartons, boxes apparel, and more. 

Cross belt sorters are the mainstream, intelligent sorting systems in e-commerce, express delivery, and apparel industry.

As a key product of Damon, the DCBS has been exported to many countries and regions including Russia, Germany, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and Brazil. 

It has empowered many industry-leading companies with strong sorting ability and highly efficient system configuration. And it’s been a implemented and utilised by global enterprises including Cainiao, VIPS, Suning.com, Belle, Cabbeen, Amazon, Lazada JNE, CDEK, and more. 

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