Tech Summit returning in 2022

Tech Summit ALC

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) says it is partnering with HERE Technologies to present the Tech Summit in Melbourne in September, which is a preeminent annual event focused on innovation.

Dr Hermione Parsons, ALC CEO says the summit will bring together leading industry experts and focus on how the end-to-end supply chain sector can use technology to drive sustainability.

“Our world is changing, and it is going to look markedly different as we emerge from the pandemic, and this is true across the end-to-end supply chain and in the freight logistics sector,” Hermione says.

“We have learned in recent years that whenever there is a breakdown in supply, it is easy to perceive that as a whole of ‘supply chain’ problem, when in fact increasingly it is a single point in the chain issue,” she adds.

The ALC notes Tech Summit 2022 will focus on key policy areas that are essential in shaping the future sustainability of the supply chain, driven by innovative thinking and technology.

“Disruption and events out of our control have forced new thinking and a focus on resilience in end-to-end freight logistics and supply chains,” Hermione says. “Our speakers and panel sessions are about adding a new perspective and driving discussion about where the sector is now and where we are going.”

She adds that emerging technology, big data, and innovation are fast becoming the key to drive sustainability outcomes and improve efficiency in domestic and international supply chains.

The Council says the summit is the latest in a series of its events, focusing on engaging with government, industry, and policymakers to achieve a stronger supply chain sector.

The Tech Summit features two keynotes addresses and four-panel sessions, including:

  • Optimisation and simulation – leveraging analytics and data to deliver efficiency
  • Global trends on Road User Charging
  • Supporting carbon-neutral freight
  • Advanced safety systems – saving lives and enhancing productivity

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