e2open releases first 2023 tech update

Tech update release 2023

e2open has announced the release of its first-quarter technology updated for 2023, with a wide range of enhancements that leverage the power of its network to help clients gain greater visibility to potential disruptions.

The connected supply chain SaaS platform can reduce risks to business operations across its clients’ extended supply chain and improve productivity for planning and execution.

“Increased economic uncertainties compounded by geo-political risks, climate events, and the lingering effects of the pandemic have made businesses more vulnerable to disruptions,” Pawan Joshi, Executive Vice President of Product Management and Strategy at e2open, says.

“While we can’t stop the pace or scale of disruptive events, we can help clients lower the risk of these disruptions impacting their business.”

Some of the primary enhancements in e2open’s 23.1 technology release include channel, planning, logistics, global trade, supply, and network platform.

“The 23.1 technology release is designed to provide more ways to gain early visibility and take proactive actions to minimise financial liability or even avoid impacts altogether,” Pawan adds.

This includes visibility to potential disruptions caused by extreme weather conditions that might impact global orders and shipments, serialised tracking of inventory to minimise waste and obsolescence in the channel, and compliance with the latest sanctions to protect companies from trade-controlled goods such as advanced semiconductors with sanctioned countries or transacting with entities connected to human rights violations.

This release also includes new enhancements to boost performance and productivity, realise cost savings, and improve time-to-value for clients.

Whether a client is focused more on protecting downside risks or capturing upside opportunities, Pawan says this quarterly release has something for everyone.

For more information on e2open, click here.

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