Feature in MHD September – Sustainability

MHD sustainability promo
In our September edition, MHD will be putting a powerful lens on sustainability and the innovative approaches companies are adopting to create greener, more responsible supply chains. Whether it’s using renewable energy sources in warehousing and transport, incorporating circular economy principles to minimise waste, or leveraging technology to increase efficiency and reduce environmental footprint, we’re all ears.

Is your company stepping up the game in creating sustainable solutions for supply chain challenges? Are you harnessing renewable energy, using eco-friendly packaging, implementing zero waste policies or taking on other green initiatives? This is your chance to showcase your trailblazing efforts to the discerning MHD audience.

MHD will promote your cutting-edge innovations, thought leadership, and sustainable solutions across our website, social media platforms, in our biweekly eNewsletters, and our monthly magazine.

In a world increasingly aware of the need for environmental stewardship, showcasing your commitment to sustainability can set your business apart. Grasp this opportunity to highlight your green credentials and be recognised as a leader in sustainable supply chain solutions.


The advertising offer includes

  • 1 x Full-page advertisement for September (ad material to be supplied)
  • 1 x Editorial Feature
  • Editorial Feature to be written for you by an MHD journalist.
  • Editorial Feature to appear on MHD website and be distributed through MHD social media channels and biweekly newsletter.
Expressions of interest close Wednesday 02 August 2023. For more information, please contact:
Beth Jarvis
Business Development Manager, MHD Supply Chain Solutions
+61 431 730 886

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