Introducing P1 Project Management

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Introducing P1 Project Management, the new powerhouse in the realm of industrial property and automation solutions.

With the logistics and supply chain industry undergoing rapid changes and evolution, efficient project management is now more important than ever. This need becomes even more evident when considering new warehousing requirements, where achieving a balance between operational efficiency and economic viability can often pose considerable challenges.

Enter P1 Project Management, an advisory firm that pledges to redefine the landscape of industrial property and automation solutions through their unique approach to project management.


In a world where generic solutions are no longer sufficient to address distinct business requirements, P1’s personalised approach to project management stands out. Every solution the firm offers is designed to align with client growth expectations, business expansion, and operational efficiencies.

But P1’s edge lies not only in tailoring unique solutions for each project but also in ensuring each one is technically and commercially viable, while being aesthetically pleasing.

P1 Project Management also stands apart because of its extensive portfolio of services. Whether it’s property search, property development, infrastructure services, industrial construction, automation solutions, fit-out services, or stakeholder management, P1’s suite of offerings promises to deliver on every front. The firm’s commitment to ensuring a smooth operational transition, coupled with its expertise in change management and defect management, further fortifies its promise of comprehensive service.


At the heart of P1 Project Management’s value proposition lies a team of industry veterans who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Founder Peter Petito brings 30 years of logistics, property development, and building industry experience, holding significant roles with the likes of Coles Group, Toll, and Sigma Healthcare. Peter’s expertise in delivering landmark projects is a testimony to P1’s commitment to excellence.

Complementing Peter’s experience is the strategic planning prowess of Anthony Di Ciacomo, P1’s Project Director West Coast. With his notable experience working with organisations like Toll Group, Frasers, Landcorp, Perth Airport, Curtin University, Westpac, and Charter Hall, Anthony offers an unparalleled perspective on project and asset management.

P1’s Co-Founder and Project Director East Coast, Katya Moskvina, brings her own unique blend of project management passion and power engineering qualifications.

In her distinguished career, Katya has proven her mettle by executing multifaceted projects across a range of industries. These encompass areas such as industrial property construction and automation, pharmaceutical facilities fit-outs, civil infrastructure, oil and gas installations and automation, and industrial generator projects. Katya’s impressive portfolio includes successful collaborations with industry giants like Sigma Healthcare, ARTC, Apache Energy, Energy Australia, Santos, Chevron, Worley Parsons, and a host of others.

Completing the team is Neil Mulcahy, the Director of Business Development. Armed with a Master of Business (Supply Chain/Logistics) and nearly 30 years of experience, Mulcahy’s global experience across operational, management, and board-level roles ensures that P1’s solutions are operationally efficient, innovative, and environmentally sustainable.


P1 Project Management’s vision and values set the groundwork for their exceptional service. The firm is dedicated to developing comprehensive and viable warehousing solutions that are delivered on time and within budget. They prioritise a client-focused approach, developing personalised solutions that meet clients’ unique warehousing requirements.

P1 does this while emphasising open communication, transparency, and collaboration, ensuring all stakeholders are working towards a successful project outcome. The firm’s commitment to delivering exceptional project management services is demonstrated through their meticulous attention to detail, competitive tender process, and a stringent quality control process.


Adhering to a methodical, step-by-step approach, P1 Project Management diligently analyses, reviews, and approves every facet of a project before proceeding to the subsequent phase.

The process begins with a thorough assessment of project prerequisites, ensuring a complete understanding of the project’s scope and objectives. Once these requirements are well defined, P1 develops a comprehensive Design Brief, aligned with architectural plans, and primed for tender.

Throughout every phase, P1 works in close collaboration with its clients, making sure that the Design Brief aligns seamlessly with their unique needs. With a relentless commitment to delivering projects on time, within budget, and to the highest levels of client satisfaction, P1 provides an extensive range of services. These include the analysis of project requirements, the development of a detailed Design Brief, and the management of a comprehensive tender process with carefully selected builders.

Moreover, P1 crafts tailor-made tender documents for fit-out items specific to the client’s requirements. It takes the reins in orchestrating the warehouse construction process, expertly managing the integration of tasks between builders and fit-out scopes. P1 also oversees the installation and commissioning of key fit-out items. To ensure project completion to the highest standards, P1 even handles construction defect management post-Practical Completion.

“In a rapidly changing industrial landscape, P1 Project Management stands ready as your strategic partner, combining decades of industry knowledge with a steadfast commitment to excellence,” says Peter Petito. “If you’re looking for unparalleled project management services that are client-focused, efficient, and deliver top-notch results, it’s time to initiate a conversation with P1.”

To connect with P1 Project Management, call 0412 111 386, email Peter.Petito@P1ProjectManagement.com.au or visit the website by clicking here

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