Picking perfection: Combilift’s Aisle Master Order Picker


With rises in inflation amidst increasing customer demand, expansion is a challenging proposition for businesses in the freight and logistics sector. With small to medium business owners struggling to pay rent, the notion of upsizing warehouse space and workforce capacity is nothing more than a far-reaching notion. Which is why businesses are seeking solutions to optimise their existing space and are turning to innovations from manufacturer Combilift.

Sorted Logistics – a third-party logistics provider and freight forwarder based in Christchurch, New Zealand – is one such company who prompted the development of the Combilift Aisle Master Order Picker (AME-OP).

The AME-OP is a solution that has been designed and brought to market off the back of customer feedback such as Sorted Logistics. According to Combilift Australia Country Manager, Chris Littlewood, the AME-OP provides the warehousing sector with unparalleled performance.

“The AME-OP combines the advantages of a narrow aisle articulated forklift and an order picker, ideal for manufacturing warehouses. It is a patented adaptation of the Aisle Master, designed for navigating ultra-narrow 1.6-meter aisles. Impressively, the Aisle Master has increased warehouse storage capacity by 50 percent through efficient double racking,” explains Littlewood.

During the research and development of the AME-OP, it became clear that customers who were already benefiting from the Aisle Master’s space optimisation and efficiency in their warehouses needed a customised solution for order picking. The development of the AME-OP addressed these evolving customer needs with a strong emphasis on safety and operational efficiency

Key features of the Combilift AME-OP:

  • Step-through operator compartment with design copyright protection across multiple markets worldwide.
  • Low floor height of just 280mm, enabling single step access from both sides of the truck, significantly enhancing order picking efficiency.
  • Patented chain steering system, allowing the truck to articulate more than 205 degrees for enhanced manoeuvrability.
  • Programmable joystick, empowering the operator to adjust hydraulics and traction for precise control.
  • Sensor system that detects when the operator steps off the truck to order pick, automatically engaging the parking brake for added safety and convenience.

With a commitment to maintaining a competitive edge, Littlewood underscores the significance of research, development, and collaboration with customers in Combilift’s innovation.

The AME-OP is a solution that has been designed and brought to market off the back of customer feedback.
The AME-OP is a solution that has been designed and brought to market off the back of customer feedback,

“Our ability to actively listen to and address the specific needs of our customers sets us apart. Rather than being influenced by industry trends, our main objective is to provide effective solutions that directly address the concerns raised by our customers,” he says.

Additionally, he notes that Combilift conducted thorough on-site testing of the AME-OP, highlighting the pivotal role of these customer trials in shaping the product development.

“By subjecting the Aisle Master-OP to thorough field testing at customer sites, Combilift consistently upholds its commitment to quality. The invaluable feedback received through these testing procedures empowers us to make continuous improvements,” concludes Littlewood.

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