Conquest unveils large capacity electric combination cleaning solution

GMG combination electric cleaning solution

Conquest Equipment presented its latest industrial cleaning solution, the GMG combination sweeper scrubber, at its Melbourne-based office with Michael Mathews and Massimiliano Ruffo, the solution’s designer, unveiling the product.

This solution is suitable for logistics, transport, building services, construction, and manufacturing environments, and is made in and imported from Italy.

“Today, we have the opportunity of unveiling the latest machine and latest technology, which we’re very excited about,” says Michael Mathews, Conquest Managing Director.

Unlike traditional floor cleaning equipment, the GMG executes the sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing and drying functions simultaneously, providing unmatched convenience and efficiency.

It has been designed to be safe and sustainable, enabling businesses to save money, time, and labour while eliminating both air and noise pollution.

Conquest notes this scalable and manoeuvrable solution can increase productivity by 30 per cent. Companies such as Amazon in Europe are using these machines in their warehouses and DCs.

GMG unveiling
Massimiliano Ruffo, Founder & CEO of Fimap Italy (Left) and Michael Mathews, Managing Director of Conquest Equipment (Right).

“We have designed and engineered this product to a specific target, which is logistics mainly because logistics is the fastest growing of all industries, but it can also be applicable to other environments,” says Massimiliano Ruffo, Founder and CEO of Fimap Italy.

“The GMG is a machine that can sweep, vacuum, scrub and dry the floor in just one pass. It has a heavy-duty sweeper in the front and a real, industrial-scrubber dryer on the back. It is also connected so it is completely integrated, and you can monitor its functionality from the platform built into it.”

Businesses looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to petrol and diesel-powered industrial cleaning equipment, can benefit from the GMG, which is 100 per cent electric and can be upgraded and fitted with lithium-ion batteries.

The machine’s footprint allows it to turn within a 3.2-metre aisle, making it suitable for most industrial facilities. It is capable of brush speeds of almost 315 rpm, adjustable down pressure of nearly 250 kg, an extended runtime of seven hours, and is rated to operate at industry-leading gradients of up to 20 per cent.

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