Robotics companies displaying AMRs at CeMAT 2023

Richmond Rolling Robotics ForwardX AMRs.

This year’s CeMAT event will showcase some of the world’s leading Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) from ForwardX Robotics, giving Australian and New Zealand businesses exclusive access to these next generation person-to-good solutions.

In partnership with Richmond Rolling Robotics, ForwardX Robotics, a global leader in vision-based AMR technology, is revolutionising the industry with its orchestration engine for end-to-end automation. Its state-of-the-art robotic fleet, developed by a team of more than 250 world-class computer vision scientists and robotics experts, represents the pinnacle of technological advancement.

Experience the cutting-edge world of AMRs

Visitors to Booth L22 will learn how these state-of-the-art AMRs can enhance operational performance while reducing costs – such as faster and more accurate picking rates, better worker safety and improved materials handling workflows.

Richmond Rolling Robotics partnership with ForwardX
Richmond Rolling Robotics and ForwardX’s AMRs.

People can chat to our friendly team about how these AMRs are deployed in existing warehouses and the rapid ROI across the entire fleet. On display at CeMAT will be the following solutions:

  • Flex – Scalable, flexible, and adaptable AMRs for every mixed piece and case picking job.
  • Max – For automated case and pallet picking with a spacious platform and 1200kg load capacity.
  • Apex – The most intelligent autonomous forklift for all of your point-to-point pallet transport needs.

Take advantage of the world’s smartest materials handling equipment

“Our exclusive distribution partnership with ForwardX Robotics allows businesses to invest in the latest equipment to improve their processes and transform the way they operate,” says Breon Winslow-Moore, CEO of Richmond Rolling Solutions.

“The upcoming CeMAT event is an exciting opportunity for visitors. We can’t wait to deliver these AMR products to help revolutionise Australian and New Zealand warehouse and manufacturing operations.” 

If you would like to make an appointment with a Richmond Rolling Robotics team member at CeMAT 2023, please get in touch at

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