What is the best way to manage inventory?

best way manage inventory

Discover how Plex DemandCaster can transform your inventory and operational planning with its cloud-based, cost-effective platform. Whether your business is big or small, Plex DemandCaster is the solution for you.

It’s a sad reality that in Australia planning – including inventory planning, sales and operations planning, and integrated business planning – often holds otherwise great businesses back from achieving their full potential.

But as disruptions in the supply chain have become more frequent, businesses increasingly realise that to manage their operations successfully they must manage their inventory successfully.

In an unpredictable economic climate, planning and managing inventory can be an arduous task – especially for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Luckily, Plex DemandCaster is here to help.

Plex DemandCaster is a cloud-based, easy-to-use platform designed to alleviate your inventory concerns and allow your business to flourish.

Plex DemandCaster has the capabilities to help your organisation navigate the complexities of supply and demand. It enables businesses to optimise inventory, simplify demand-supply matching, and gain comprehensive understanding of business operations at all levels. By fostering collaboration between your supply chain leaders, operations, sales, and marketing teams, it provides a single-source solution that scales with your business.

“This software adopts a holistic approach to assist businesses with integrated business planning or sales and operations planning,” says Reto Fuhrer, CEO of RF Supply Chain Expertise, and an official Plex Service Partner. “It handles everything from creating demand plans, aligning demand with supply, reviewing manufacturing capacity, to feeding data back into your ERP system for operational work.”

The platform features a unique sales and operations planning (S&OP) module, facilitating a proactive approach to business. With the added benefit of cloud security, Plex DemandCaster allows for near real-time dynamic planning. It swiftly analyses your business’s current state of operations and connects demand to supply in ever-evolving markets.

Put simply, it enables you to have the right inventory at the right time, synchronise with suppliers, and – most importantly in this competitive world – outpace your competition by closing any supply chain gaps.


Harnessing the power of data integration is a key feature of Plex DemandCaster.

It seamlessly integrates with your ERP system, allowing you to transition from planning to executing orders and transactions effortlessly. Engineered for automated data integration, the system supports both unidirectional and bi-directional integration, offering versatile solutions for moving data between systems. With Plex DemandCaster, you maintain full control over your data and eliminate the inefficiencies and errors associated with disconnected, spreadsheet-based planning.


Deployment of Plex DemandCaster is customer-oriented, featuring a structured five-step methodology:

  1. Plan – Plan & Organise
  2. Integrate – Connectivity, System Setup, User Access
  3. Validate – Data Validation (Dynamic & Static)
  4. Prepare – Onboarding & Readiness
  5. Deploy – Go-Live

This systematic approach ensures a smooth transition, with continuous support from the exploratory phase right through to Go-Live.

“Their project approach is simple, yet effective,” explains Reto. “It involves planning the project, ensuring resource availability, establishing connectivity between Plex DemandCaster and the client’s ERP system, data validation, and the gate review process, among other steps. They even include a due diligence review by bringing in a second independent consultant to ask questions about the project.

“Finally, there’s a transition process where they assist with any concerns new users might have. This approach is significantly smoother compared to the implementation of other tools I’ve seen. In my opinion, their professional service team – which guides you through the whole process – is one of their greatest assets.”

It’s little surprise, then, that Reto Fuhrer and RF Supply Chain Expertise have long been big boosters of Plex DemandCaster, recommending it to clients and assisting to set up and deploy it when and if a client requests additional support.

“What’s great about it is its affordability in comparison to similar products on the market,” Reto adds. “This price advantage offers SMEs the opportunity to invest in technology that can optimise their planning and results. Many smaller companies lack the skills, experience, or confidence, to establish something like this within their organisations. But with Plex DemandCaster, SMEs can turbocharge their planning and inventory management with greater ease – and at lesser cost – than they might have imagined possible.”

Plex DemandCaster and RF Supply Chain Expertise have deep experience helping clients of various sizes to address planning and inventory challenges and deliver optimal results.

Click here to connect with Reto and learn more about what Plex DemandCaster can do for your business.

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