Zebra Technologies introduces new ultra-rugged mobile computer

Ultra-rugged mobile computer

Zebra Technologies speaks to MHD about its latest iteration of its ultra-rugged mobile computers which are helping frontline workers as they operate in warehouses, loading docks and make deliveries.

Introducing the TC73/TC78 — a new generation of ultra-rugged mobile computers designed to empower frontline staff to deliver a performance edge, whether they’re in the warehouse, loading dock or out making deliveries. Streaming video, video calls, intuitive multimedia-rich apps, augmented reality apps that enable new, more effective workflows — TC73/TC78 has what it takes to support them all.

The TC73/TC78 takes its place as Zebra’s most rugged enterprise handheld mobile computer, loaded with all the latest technologies you need to put to the power of next generation mobile apps in the hands of your workers. Streaming video, calls, intuitive multimedia-rich apps, and augmented reality apps that enable new, more effective workflows – it is built to handle three metre drops to concrete, yet it’s lighter and nearly 20 per cent thinner in the grip area.

The advanced industrial design, ergonomics and exceptional balance provides all day comfort — these devices are easy to hold, grip, and use for any size hand. Your workers can run all the apps they need simultaneously with the first-class Qualcomm 6490 octa-core processor, memory, and storage. The 6-inch edge-to-edge advanced display is the largest in this product class – easily visible indoors, outdoors and in the wet.

Workers can access the fastest and most reliable wireless connections with Wi-Fi 6E, 5G, CBRS (US only) and Bluetooth 5.2 – all of which deliver much higher signal quality and use less power than other connections. The standard, extended capacity, wireless charge and BLE batteries all power more than a full shift and provide the intelligence to better manage batteries. And while there are multi-slot cradles for cost-effective backroom management, the TC73/TC78 can be charged anywhere with a standard USB-C charging cable.

With Zebra Dimensioning™ Certified Mobile Parcel and Mobile Parcel, an integrated Time of Flight depth sensor collects accurate ‘legal for trade’ parcel dimensioning in just seconds. Ideal at the point of parcel pickup and drop-off locations, these solutions eliminate the inaccuracies in dimensions that lead to undercharging and lost profits.

The TC73/TC78 takes audio quality to the next level for callers on both ends. Comprehensive features work together to delivery extraordinary audio clarity: three microphones with noise cancellation to strip out background noise, two speakers for loudness, as well as a high-quality speakerphone and HD voice with Super-wideband (SWB), Wideband (WB) and Fullband (FB) support.

When it comes to data capture, you can expect a choice of two high performance scan engines. The SE4770 1D/2D scan engine is ideal for workers that need a standard scanning range. The SE55 1D/2D Advanced Range scan engine with IntelliFocus™ technology is ideal for workers who need to capture barcodes in hand and up to 12.2m away. Both scanners capture barcodes in virtually any condition and lighting and are rated for one million actuations.

Two Mobility DNA solutions deliver a new level of scanning efficiency. With SimulScan NG, one press of the scan button can capture all barcodes on an item, and process and send information on documents right to your applications. Superior camera technology enables high quality capture of photos and videos for reliable evidence of proof of delivery, condition, repair and more. The 16 MP rear color camera, flash LED, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) make it easy to capture highly detailed images every time.

The TC73/TC78 can be dropped into a Workstation Connect cradle to connect to a large monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer and more, simultaneously operating as a handheld computer and workstation. If you need RFID, you can choose between two lightning-fast ultra-rugged sleds able to be connected in three different ways — Bluetooth, NFC, or Zebra’s eConnect™ adapter. The RFD9030 sled offers a standard read range of 6.7m and the RFD9090 offers an extended read range of 22.9m. The TC73/TC78 can also be used as two-way radios or a PBX handset with custom interface that makes the most complex telephony features simple – inside your facility or out in the field.

With Zebra-only Mobility DNATM tools, your TC53 and TC58 mobile computers deliver an unmatched advantage – a comprehensive toolset improving every aspect of device lifecycle, integration, security, speed, and management.

Learn more about the TC73/78 mobile computer here.

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