Dematic automating healthcare DC

Dematic AutoStore automating healthcare DC.

Dematic is working with South West Healthcare to automate its new Regional Logistics Distribution Centre (RLDC) in Warrnambool, which started construction in January 2023.

The new RLDC is relocating from its original location at the Warrnambool Base Hospital campus to make way for the Victorian government funded Warrnambool Base Hospital redevelopment project at the existing hospital site that includes freeing up space for vital health services within a brand new multi-storey clinical tower.

“We provide more than 150 medical, nursing, mental health, allied health and community health services to the 110,000 people who live across the South West of Victoria and in Warrnambool, one of the fastest-growing regional cities in Victoria,” says South West Healthcare.

“We are also the region’s largest employer, with 1996 people working for South West Healthcare across various locations.”

The RLDC will provide goods, equipment, linen, and warehousing services to the Warrnambool Base Hospital, as well as other public health services in the region.

“Dematic integrates our own equipment with other vendor systems using our own expertise in software and controls, and our strong experience and knowledge in project and integration management,” explains Terry Jamieson, Business Development Manager at Dematic.

“This allows us to tailor a wide range of innovative systems to customer-specific business and operational requirements to reduce risk, be cost-effective and create a successful outcome for organisations such as South West Healthcare.

“Additionally, with the largest service and support network in Australia for materials handling systems, we can ensure that South West Healthcare’s investment is protected over time and that system up-time is significantly improved.”

The Dematic automated order fulfilment solution features an AutoStore™ goods-to-person (GTP) system that provides automation technology innovation with a high level of flexibility for future growth.

The Dematic solution requires a minimal footprint, needing up to 80 per cent less space than an equivalent manual racking layout, which requires clear space for forklifts and personnel aisles. AutoStore Bins stack vertically and do not need clear aisles.

Items required to fulfil orders arrive from the AutoStore storage system to the GTP Workstations precisely when they are needed. Operators then build orders at the ergonomically designed, high-rate Workstations effectively and safely.

The system is highly configurable and scalable, with the options to add extra modular storage within the AutoStore Grid to accommodate future product growth and storage demands.

The Dematic solution will be integrated into South West Healthcare’s host system with Dematic’s warehouse control system software, providing complete system management and optimisation capabilities.

The new RLDC is due to be completed in late 2023.

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