Former Kroger exec leading TMX Transform

Jeff Bornino, North American leader of TMX Transform

TMX Transform has announced the launch of its North American operations, helping clients solve their most pressing supply chain challenges, and delivering more than $10 billion in improvements since its 2010 inception.

Simultaneous to the launch, TMX Transform has named Jeff Bornino as President of its North American business. Bornino brings with him over two decades of supply chain experience, most of which was spent at Kroger, the world’s largest grocer, where he served as Vice President, Corporate Supply Chain and Inventory & Replenishment.

“TMX Transform combines deep industry experience and advanced supply chain thinking and capabilities with a very practical ‘get it done’ approach,” says Jeff.

“It’s a unique and powerful combination that I always searched for, but never quite found in my twenty plus years in the industry. I was especially drawn to TMX’s focus on creating long-term client relationships and the depth and breadth of talent within the team. I’m honored to join TMX Transform and am excited about the positive impact we will have on our North American customers.”

No longer relegated to the background or operating in isolation, a company’s supply chain now demands immediate attention and is the focus in boardrooms worldwide. As a result, companies must integrate supply chain digitisation, visibility, sustainability, and resilience, while also integrating throughout the business.

“When we established TMX, our mission was simple: to provide real life experience to consulting, providing our customers with tangible outcomes from strategy to execution,” says Travis Erridge, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at TMX Transform.

“Our clients are facing tough economic conditions, increased cost of capital, labor shortages, too much inventory and end-to-end visibility challenges, so we were asked to set up in North America. Our demand is always fuelled by client needs. Jeff Bornino is a trusted industry leader and is extremely well-positioned to lead us in this important market.”

Combining business strategy with technology, and deep sector expertise gained from supporting some of the world’s leading brands, including BMW, Coca-Cola, Kimberly-Clark, Marks & Spencer, Coles Group Nestle, Nike, Unilever and Uniqlo, TMX Transform is poised to have a profound impact in North America.

“TMX Transform has been an integral partner for multiple significant projects, including our new, highly automated distribution centres in Queensland and New South Wales – our largest-ever capital investment and the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere,”says Matt Swindells, Chief Operations & Sustainability Officer at Coles, one of the largest supermarket chains in Australia.

“I have also known Jeff Bornino for over ten years as we have collaborated on several key projects. I have tremendous respect for Jeff and am pleased to see his appointment. It is another in a long line of strategic industry expert hires for TMX Transform. This consultancy is smart, aggressive, and different.”

Unique and disruptive consultancy model

The TMX Transform team comprises former customer-side practitioners who provide experienced vision, strategic guidance, and execution to deliver tangible business impact. This approach is particularly crucial in addressing the prevailing technical and supply chain skills gap in North America.

In addition to end-to-end supply chain expertise, TMX Transform operates through an integrated business perspective, working to connect supply chain transformation with other critical business functions through strategy and digitisation. By breaking down silos within a client’s organization, this approach leads to transformative visibility, enhanced efficiency, increased profitability, and overall business resilience.

Offerings and core competencies

Through its experience in Asia-Pacific and Europe, TMX Transform offers clients a profound understanding of global supply chain and business challenges, including the dynamics within established and emerging manufacturing and sourcing regions, while remaining attuned to evolving needs and global trends.

The power of pre-implementation visualisation

TMX Transform goes beyond conventional methods to solve client problems by leveraging innovative simulation, digital twins, and VR technology. Powered by TMX intellectual property, these tools allow clients to collaborate, visualise, validate, and test optimised solutions before live implementation. This approach not only quantifies performance indicators, but assesses financial and carbon impacts, and ensures seamless and efficient transformation.

“Every facet of our business revolves around delivering real value to our customers,” says Marcus Carmont, Chief Customer Officer at TMX Transform.

“Our customer is the core of what we do, and expanding into North America was in response to calls from our clients. I am pleased to bring our unique model, tailored services, deep expertise and cutting-edge simulation and automation to North American companies.”

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