Zebra’s new tablet maximising business operations

ET6x series of tablets

Zebra Technologies tells MHD about its new series of rugged tablets as its research shows most workers will be using these solutions by 2027.

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, maximising productivity and streamlining operations is crucial for success. The key lies in equipping front-line workers, such as retail staff, warehouse employees and delivery drivers, with the right tools to enhance their performance.

In Zebra’s 2027 Global Warehousing Vision Study, nearly nine in 10 decision makers agree that technology advancement will make the warehouse environment more attractive to workers, while 92 per cent will be equipping their workers with rugged tablets by 2027.

Enterprise tablets that are purpose-built for specific front-line workers and applications will always end up being the better investment, even if the upfront cost is higher than other devices.

Considering that quality is a cost-saving factor, investing in the right tools for workers will lead to significant gains in efficiency, productivity, and financial performance.

In particular, Zebra recognises the increasing adoption of Android within the enterprise space over the next few years, hence its decision to introduce a new player to the market: the ET60/ET65 rugged tablets.

Zebra’s ET60/ET65 tablets are the enterprise-grade big screen devices your workers are looking for. As Zebra’s first IP66 rated tablets, the devices have undergone extensive real-world testing and are designed to withstand harsh environments, redefining ruggedness.

They are drop-tested to concrete, resistant to the elements, and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures as the first freezer-rated tablet on the market. These tablets are corrosion-proof and tested for vibration, thermal shock, and solar radiation.

With their robustness, the ET60/ET65 tablets excel in diverse settings, including warehouses, manufacturing plants, ports, field services, and public safety operations.  A battery-less variant of the enterprise tablet also provides seamless and reliable operation specifically designed for vehicle forklift usage.

The display and optional scanner exit window are shatter- and scratch-resistant, and easily cleaned Corning® Gorilla® Glass, ensuring durability. The devices can be used in bright sunlight, with the screen yielding a super bright 1000-nit display for excellent visibility.

Moreover, their design ensures a long lifespan of at least four years from its launch date, providing an excellent return on investment. That’s something shareholders and business leaders will understand when they see productivity and efficiency improvements directly resulting from enterprise tablet utilisation.

Zebra has also developed a ground-breaking tablet specifically designed for freezer environments, marking a significant milestone as the first freezer-rated tablet on the market. They also offer a battery free variant of the enterprise tablet, providing seamless and reliable operation specifically designed for vehicle forklift usage.

Rugged enterprise-grade devices like the ET60/ET65 can offer unparalleled flexibility. Utilising the patent-pending vehicle dock, they can be transformed into vehicle mount computers suitable for forklifts and material-handling vehicles.

Notably, they are freezer-ready, and the display and optional keyboard are equipped with heating capabilities when docked in a forklift—a unique feature not found in other tablets. When additional data entry is required, the friction hinge keyboard accessory can be easily attached, transforming the ET60/ET65 series into efficient laptops.

Enterprise-grade devices need to have reliable battery power for extended shifts, high-capacity standards and extended battery options. These ET60/ET65 tablets boast an array of features that make them the most powerful in their class. They support the fastest networks and future technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, while offering a comprehensive range of wireless connections, including Wi-Fi 6E and 5G. As the batteries are removable, tablets never go out of service for charging.

Moreover, a battery-free option is available for vehicle mounting, eliminating the need for battery management. Advanced security features, timely OS patches, and security updates through Zebra’s LifeGuard™ for Android™ ensure robust device protection. Barcode capture is also effortless, thanks to the integrated camera or the optional SE55 1D/2D Advanced Range scan engine, capable of reading barcodes in various conditions.

All Zebra devices also come with Mobility DNA, which drives workforce productivity and device value to new levels. The industry’s most complete and proven software tool, Mobility DNA makes your tablets easier to use and maintain — devices can stage themselves right out of the box, no hands-on required; integrating barcode data into your apps without writing code; managing Bluetooth accessories; restricting apps to keep workers focused on the job; capturing all barcodes required with one press of the scan button — and much more.

Embracing rugged business tablets like the ET60/ET65 from Zebra can significantly enhance productivity and business efficiency, offering durability, powerful performance, advanced security, and effortless data capture. By investing in the right tools for workers and prioritising quality over cost-saving measures, businesses can unlock the potential for improved employee performance, streamlined operations, and enhanced customer experiences.

With Zebra’s Mobility DNA software tools further optimising device usage and maintenance, the ET60/ET65 tablets prove to be valuable assets for businesses seeking to maximise productivity and drive success in today’s competitive landscape.

Find out more about Zebra’s ET6x series here.

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