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From its ambitious beginnings to its strategic expansion into the Australia-New Zealand market, learn how Mushiny – and its new local team – is shaping the future of warehouse operations, one robot at a time.

In the high-octane world of global logistics, where efficiency and innovation are the keystones of success, one company stands out for intelligent warehousing systems: Mushiny.

Founded in 2016 by Lui Ming – also known as ‘K2’ – Mushiny was born out of an obsession to master the nuances of warehouse operations and fine-tune them with cutting-edge technology. K2’s story begins at Amazon, where his warehouse – the fifth most productive of Amazon’s warehouses worldwide – demonstrated his expertise in the field. Yet, K2 was not content with being fifth; he sought to understand what the top three had that he didn’t.

The answer? Automation, properly orchestrated with the right software.

Thus, Mushiny was conceived with a vision to leverage automation in the realm of warehouse operations, particularly Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

Initially, K2 eschewed the idea of manufacturing hardware. In his perspective, hardware was a relative commodity, whereas the real key to ushering in a new era of warehouse automation lay in the realm of superior software.

So, he created the software he wanted to see in the world.

The triple-layered Mushiny software suite is a comprehensive and customisable open s*stem designed to meet the specific operational requirements and diverse scenarios of customers’ warehouse operations.

The first layer, referred to as the R-WMS module, serves as an interface between the customers’ ERP or WMS s*stem. It offers a complete solution for warehouse operations, encompassing tasks such as receiving, replenishment, picking, packing, cycle counting, and more.

The second layer, known as the Robot Management S*stem (RMS), provides advanced functionalities for complex path planning, traffic management, and map management. It enables efficient control of multiple types of robots within the same facility.

The third layer consists of the Business Intelligence (BI) module, which offers powerful dashboards and analytics to empower end users with actionable insights, facilitating operational efficiency improvements.

Importantly, the software suite includes an emulator that accurately replicates the real-world behaviour of the robots including simulating battery status and charging, which allows Mushiny to optimise the robot grid and overall solution design before deployment. The emulator also enables planning for s*stem modernisations without disrupting ongoing operations.

Facilitated by a unified interface, the entire Mushiny software suite is seamlessly integrated and accessible through a single sign-on process. This enhances usability and streamlines operations across all functions of the warehouse.

But K2 discovered that most customers wanted to buy hardware and software together – so Mushiny began manufacturing robots, too.

Today, the company is not just a software powerhouse but also a distinguished manufacturer of reliable, cost-effective hardware. Its considerable human, physical, and intellectual resources underscore its commitment to manufacturing excellence. Mushiny offers a full suite of autonomous robots ranging from its standard AMRs, single- or dual-cell pedestal sorters, shuttle ACRs, and has recently launched the M Series, which is tailored for greater interaction with people.


While 2023 isn’t the first year Mushiny’s solutions have been available in Australia, it is the first time Mushiny has an official presence on Australian shores – setting up a new office and Australian team and bringing the best local personnel available into the Mushiny family.

Peter Ramsay, Director of Mushiny Australia, says Mushiny decided to invest in a local presence to better serve what it sees as a key market.  “Our initial strategy was to wholesale into this market through local agents,” Peter says. “However with five existing sites and strong demand Mushiny believes Australia and New Zealand has significant potential, and deserves the best in on-the-ground service supporting the leading technologies available internationally.”

The core of Mushiny’s strategy isn’t merely about selling equipment, it’s about delivering comprehensive solutions, Peter says. Establishing a local presence in Australia was a crucial step in achieving this vision: “The best way to serve customers is to understand their specific operational needs, and to deliver elegant solutions that are business accretive.”

Mushiny offers a full suite of autonomous robots that coupled with next generation software delivers operationally effective turn key solutions.
Mushiny offers a full suite of autonomous robots that coupled with next generation software delivers operationally effective turn key solutions.

And it isn’t just about maintaining customer relationships or facilitating transactions; it’s about providing a complete suite of services which drive sustainable benefits.

“Our new Australian Mushiny team means we can provide a full service, from design through to implementation, commissioning, maintenance, and support for the entire lifecycle of the installation,” Peter explains. “In short, if you deal with Mushiny you are assured of a turnkey solution that works and will keep working.”

Peter leads – alongside fellow Mushiny Australia Director Byron Patching – a team of experts with deep experience implementing warehousing and automation solutions.

Peter himself has spent decades in the industry – from his time at Woolworths driving Project Refresh to transform its supply chain, to founding and running XAct Solutions for 15 years.

However, it was a particular kind of technology that captured his interest and redirected his career trajectory towards Mushiny Australia.

“I have worked in logistics my entire life,” Peter says. “During that time, I encountered many automation projects, which were invariably challenging due to their extensive lead times, capital requirements, and integration complexity.”

When he discovered AMR-centric technology, he found it “refreshing”, noting its flexibility and growth potential. “The scalability of the technology allows its adoption by companies for whom automation was not traditionally accessible. Being able to deploy in months as opposed to years, and only needing to size for current operational volumes and then incrementally invest in additional capacity to cater for actual business growth, provides a compelling proposition.

“Mushiny’s intelligent approach, commitment to quality, and customer focus is why I am delighted to join Mushiny. Byron is of very similar mind, and so we are excited about Mushiny’s future in Australia.”

In addition to Peter and Byron, the team includes Scott van Munster, the General Manager of Solutions, Grant Beringer, the General Manager of Operations, and Stephen Su, their Senior Robot Engineer. The local leadership has the access and full support of roughly 200 specialist resources globally to facilitate the comprehensive approach Mushiny takes in offering fully integrated solutions. From planning and implementation to operational oversight and technical expertise, Mushiny Australia encapsulates the company’s global vision and dedication to local market needs.


Mushiny has an impressive R&D program powering an ambitious product development road map. Leveraging its core AMR technology, Mushiny launched its MIX s*stem at LogiMAT in Stuttgart in April, which offers greater storage density and utilisation of available warehouse height and can support higher volume operations.

Another ground-breaking product will be launched in October 2023 at CEMAT Asia, Shanghai.

In essence, Mushiny’s DNA is a blend of solution-focused strategies, software-enabled s*stems, innovative hardware, and a strong dedication to the Australia-New Zealand market. Its mission in Australia is to provide customised, turn-key solutions that exceed customer expectations, offering consistent support to ensure long-term efficiency and success.

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