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Conveyor Logistics at CeMAT 2023 with Geek+

At CeMAT 2023, MHD caught up with Conveyor Logistics’ Chris Andrit and Rohan Vocale to learn about the company’s collaboration with Geek+, what was on show at the trades show, and what they’re delivering to industry looking ahead.

This year’s CeMAT exhibition held in Sydney’s iconic Olympic Park was nothing short of a revelation in the logistics and supply chain sector. Among the leading lights was Conveyor Logistics, a name synonymous with cutting-edge warehouse automation. Their partnership with Geek+, a global powerhouse in robotics, was the talk of the town, with both companies proving that when innovation meets experience, industry transformation becomes possible. 

With its roots in bespoke solution offerings, Conveyor Logistics has always prided itself on its unique approach to each client. Chris Andrit, CEO of Conveyor Logistics, reiterates this ethos: “We understand that no two projects are the same,” he says. “Our approach is to work closely with our customers to achieve a customised solution for their business that delivers results.” 

Indeed, the range of sectors that the company has delved into is impressive, ranging from retail to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

Their ability to diversify and adapt can be seen in their expansive clientele list, boasting both niche businesses and multinational corporations. This is not just a company confined to the Australian or New Zealand shores. They’re making waves in the US and throughout the vast Asia-Pacific region.

CeMAT 2023 attendees had the privilege of witnessing first-hand the company’s prowess and innovations. A stand-out was the Conveyor Sorting System, seamlessly integrated with the Geek+ S20C Sorting Robots, showcasing the perfect marriage of design and technology. Not to be outdone, the Geek+ PopPick all-in-one solution, the dynamic Geek+ Robo Shuttle 8 (RS8), and the futuristic Geek+ Sky Pick were also on display, drawing appreciative glances and curious inquiries.

The feedback, as Chris recounts, was nothing short of stellar. “The feedback we’ve received has been fantastic, even overwhelming,” he says. One of the most discussed innovations was its new PopPick system, a breakthrough in AMR technology. However, it was the Geek+ Robo Shuttle 8 system that arguably stole the show.

CeMAT 2023 attendees were keen to see the latest offerings from Conveyor Logistics.
CeMAT 2023 attendees were keen to see the latest offerings from Conveyor Logistics.

“The Robo Shuttle system, which currently can pick up to a height of eight meters, will soon extend its reach to 11 metres,” Chris elaborates. “This feature has garnered significant interest as it points to the future of denser storage facilities. At a time when industrial vacancy rates across Australia are incredibly low – this is a vital technology for our industry moving forward.”

A noteworthy mention must be made of Conveyor Logistics’ commitment to Australian production. At a time when many are looking overseas, Chris proudly notes that, “We’re among the few manufacturers still producing conveyor systems in Australia.” This commitment speaks volumes about the company’s belief in local talent and capabilities.

CeMAT wasn’t just about showcasing products for Conveyor Logistics. Chris also shares the strategic vision behind their participation. 

“Our primary aim from exhibiting at CeMAT is to enhance brand recognition. We’re now recognised as a partner of Geek+, which is invaluable,” he says. “We know our work is excellent, our customers have been thrilled with the results we’ve delivered; for us CeMAT is about communicating that message to the broader industry – and we’re happy to report that people are excited by what we can do.” 

But the Geek+ association is more than just branding. With plans already afoot for CeMAT 2024 in Melbourne, it’s evident that both companies are looking at a long-term collaboration.

On the operational front, Rohan Vocale, the man behind the company’s engineering and production capabilities, shared his insights.

Conveyor Logistics has its eyes firmly set on the future, with plans for CeMAT 2024 already afoot.
Conveyor Logistics has its eyes firmly set on the future, with plans for CeMAT 2024 already afoot.

Rohan’s perspective on the event was enlightening, especially regarding the company’s offerings. “Many clients were previously unaware of some of the products we offer,” he notes. “Our PopPick system has garnered significant attention and interest.” Expanding on this, Rohan describes their innovative PopPick system, saying, “It offers flexibility and is superior to traditional pallet racking. By bringing goods directly to the picker, we’re significantly enhancing warehouse picking efficiency.” 

Both Rohan and Chris are unanimous in their praise for Geek+. “Our association with Geek+ has been fantastic. They offer an entire range that complements our services so well,” Chris adds, echoing sentiments of mutual respect and collaboration.

As CeMAT 2023 wrapped up, one thing was clear: Conveyor Logistics, bolstered by its partnership with Geek+, is not just a participant in the warehouse automation revolution, but a pacesetter. With a successful year behind them and promising projects on the horizon, Conveyor Logistics is poised to cement its position as a global leader in warehouse automation and logistics solutions. 

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