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Acquiring industrial intelligence with data

Industrial data intelligence

Since Colliers and data platform company, SA1 Property, forged a partnership in April 2023, the two companies have made strides in collating valuable and insightful information on industrial markets. MHD spoke to Colliers Managing Director Gavin Bishop and SA1 founders, Aaron Bates and Stephen Clark, to find out more.

Data analytics and visibility have become essential tools to helping businesses identify gaps, opportunities, and for collating and obtaining substantial and detailed information about the industrial market. 

This is why Colliers has been working with the data platform company SA1 Property since April 2023. Together, these businesses are making it easier for occupiers to decide what type of industrial facility they’d like to invest in, buy or rent – whether it’s a warehouse and office, or a DC. 

Aaron Bates, Director, Property Strategy and Stephen Clark, Director, Location Analytics at SA1 Property founded the software enterprise back in 2018. Over these past five years, they’ve cooperated with an eclectic mix of clients ranging from local government to machine learning professionals, asset managers, and more recently, with Colliers’ agents.  


Colliers’ partnership with SA1, has allowed the team to provide the best possible data of Australia’s industrial property markets by engaging with both institutional and corporate clients and using this information, in addition to their own Colliers’ owned data and internal platforms to assist them when they’re making important property-related decisions. 

By leveraging the SA1 platform together with Colliers’ unmatched data, Gavin Bishop, Managing Director, Industrial & Head of Industrial Capital Markets Australia at Colliers, says it has allowed teams to offer a point of difference to their clients, who have recognised the value. 

Gavin Bishop, Managing Director, Industrial & Head of Industrial Capital Markets Australia at Colliers.
Gavin Bishop, Managing Director, Industrial & Head of Industrial Capital Markets Australia at Colliers.

He continues: “Our clients have been able to make informed property decisions that achieve strong outcomes. We’re continually evolving the capabilities and offering of our experts and ensuring we maintain up-to-date information on the market for our clients. This partnership is a value add for clients in addition to what Colliers is already doing, and the internal data and platforms we have.” 

SA1’s main goal when it started five years ago was to create the best data analytics platform for the Australian industrial property market. Many investors and developers in this sector use the company’s SA1 Pro program – a spatially enabled platform. 

“We provide physical and locational intelligence on the industrial property market,” explains Aaron. “This brokers strong advantages when dealing with investors and developers in this space.”

Stephen Clark, Director, Location Analytics at SA1 Property.
Stephen Clark, Director, Location Analytics at SA1 Property.

When he and Stephen founded the digital enterprise, they’d noticed there were no other players in this niche industry. 

“We saw there was demand for a curated collection of data and insights and centralisation of information in a singular place, and we knew if we didn’t seize this opportunity first, somebody else would,” adds Stephen. 

“We save users time by collecting and verifying the information and handle location intelligence for them, which is critical to industrial occupiers when they’re determining where they want to go.” 

The data may validate what the users already know and think about their assets and locations or may result in identifying unrecognised value to segments of the market. It can also help with client discussions because they can refer to this independent source of information. 

SA1 covers the entire eastern seaboard except for Tasmania, and has detailed information on the cities of Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, and gives users access to a digital database of major owner assets and industrial occupiers with 7000 occupiers, across more than 4000 different entities classified by sector. 


Colliers is using its own in-house data platforms together with the SA1 platform to secure various sale and leasing appointments to show clients the value these solutions can add to a campaign process and the opportunities they can provide. 

It has used the bespoke reports during sale and leasing campaigns for properties and portfolios and continues to drive enduring value for its clients by using the combination of SA1-related data and its own. 

“We’re showing clients our unique view of the market with the data we have populated and extracted, which is helping them make informed decisions during the property process and benefitting their teams,” says Gavin.

SA1 notes while it deals with thousands of industrial occupiers – including tenancy sizes and tenure – it also analyses and spatially enables transaction data, as well as deploying a location benchmarking system.

“There were requests for this location benchmarking system,” explains Stephen. “These were due to the diversity of industrial occupiers having different location drivers. 

“This is why we presented a deep library of various topics that are benchmarked and rated throughout each market. 

“It helps them look at the benefits and understand the locational strengths of their assets. Alternatively, if they have a theme, or multiple themes they want to target for a site selection activity, they can use the rating system to find the best location for their purpose. 

“The platform brings together third-party content from leading software and information providers, including ESRI (for geographic information system software), Aerometrex for aerial imagery, and Geoscape for building footprints. The system also allows additional data to be added interactively to the map – both ours and that of the government’s.”

The platform, paired with the industry experience and data that the Colliers experts have internally, provides clients with an array of information to understand the current market conditions and aid business decisions.  


The SA1 platform is benefiting Colliers and providing it with significant value for its clients by producing stronger insights, improving business operations, and converting opportunities. 

“Combined with our Colliers data, we are able to show clients a full view of the given market, sharing valuable insights on how they can take advantage of the conditions and drive stronger results,” says Gavin.

Aaron Bates, Director, Property Strategy at SA1 Property.
Aaron Bates, Director, Property Strategy at SA1 Property.

“It’s allowing Colliers experts to present our own data in ways that make it easier for clients to understand and act on. Some of the SA1 capabilities enable them to rank properties we’re selling or leasing against other assets and locations and our experts can then complete a full competitive analysis of assets and market providing the best outlook for the client.”

It also means Colliers can compare different sub-markets, assessing their respective land supplies and take-up and vacancy rates.

“Since we forged a partnership with Colliers, we’ve helped agents who’ve managed multiple transactions by providing them with insights into assets beyond benchmark and identifying prime locations to work on,” notes Aaron. 

“I’ve been cooperating with the Colliers Melbourne and Sydney teams to find ways to present and analyse the data they have, and the platform provides.”

Colliers says the SA1 platform has further elevated what it was already offering its clients.

“Colliers has a unique geographic footprint in Australia with major metropolitan markets and regional markets,” adds Stephen. 

“We want to work with Colliers to move into the regional markets to better understand them. We can analyse and identify opportunities there and provide better coverage of those areas.”

“We look forward to working with SA1, and our Industrial experts to continue evolving our own data and the use of the platform to continue providing clients with market leading solutions,” Gavin says.  

“The introduction of SA1 – and it being used by our teams – is a natural consequence of the data-centric approach we already took at Colliers. We already have exclusive internal data platforms and outputs we are providing our clients, and working with SA1 just bolsters that unique data value proposition.”

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