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Achieve all-round capabilities with Combilift’s multidirectional forklift

CB70E forklift

Combilift tells MHD about its multidirectional forklift and why it’s a cost-effective, safe, manoeuvrable and adaptable solution. 

Wood products in the timber industry come in different shapes, sizes, and weights, making them tricky to handle. From lumber frames to long pieces, these bulky loads often need special treatment. Regular forklifts struggle with this variety, sometimes requiring extra forklifts or operators lifting loads unsafely to avoid obstacles.

“As the market’s most compact seven-tonne capacity counterbalance truck, the Combi-CB70E forklift offers exceptional space-saving potential, excelling at managing bulky loads,” says Chris Littlewood, Combilift Australia’s Country Manager.

The unique 4-way movement of the CB70E, makes these trucks agile, providing versatility in its movement capabilities.

“This manoeuvrability feature gives our forklifts the ability to transport long loads such as lumber trusses, with the added benefit of ease of movement from indoors to outside settings,” notes Chris.

“This adaptability allows for seamless transportation, from hardware materials to construction goods, enhancing overall workflow in this sector.”

Logistics firms transporting heavy loads often face loss of inventory due to products being damaged throughout the transportation process, proving as a real pain point for warehouse management.

“The materials must be protected, as well as the goods taken quickly and precisely from A to B, so limiting loss of inventory through product damage is key in this process,” says Chris.

For companies struggling with small workspaces, Chris highlights the importance of the CB70E’s multi-directional technology.

“This feature in our trucks means the operator can alter the direction of travel, allowing wood to be safely moved in narrow aisles, and around obstacles with confidence, and ultimately, safely.”

For workers wanting to cut down on operational costs, the Combi CB70E offers cost-effective solutions in various operating environments.

“By seamlessly merging the trucks movement capabilities with its compact yet robust construction, this truck reduces the need for additional equipment. This consolidation of functions streamlines workflows thereby minimises overall out-going costs,” explains Chris.

In a sector where uneven terrain is present, Chris highlights the CB70E’s capabilities in creating a safer working environment for forklift operators.

“The patented swivel seat of the CB70E effortlessly rotates 15° in either direction based on your chosen travel path, enhancing the driver’s field of vision, alleviating strain during reverse travel, overall increasing the safety of a forklift driver.”

The introduction of the Combi-CB70E exemplifies Combilift’s dedication to innovation, Chris highlighting it’s not just a one-size-fits-all approach.

“Each of our models are fully customisable, tailored precisely to cater to the unique preferences of our customers. This is where we truly stand out, setting us apart from your typical forklift provider.”

Chris concludes, “Nearly all of our work involves customisation. We craft trucks that align with the exact needs of our customers. Our focus lies in creating a product that perfectly aligns with our customer’s specifications and requirements.

CB70E key features and benefits:

  • Shortest 7 tonne counterbalance on the market
  • 7 tonne capacity
  • Ergonomic cabin
  • Multi-directional operation
  • Powered by AC technology
  • Suspension Cabin
  • Centrally Positioned Operator
  • Rollout Batteries
  • Rotating Seat

Contact Combilift today to discover more about the Combi-CB70E and its potential for elevating your workplace capabilities.


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