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Inside Coates’ Power and HVAC innovations

Kurt Edwards

The phrase, “Be our best,” isn’t just a guiding principle at Coates, but embodies the core of their Power and HVAC division, driving every strategy and initiative. Kurt Edwards is at the centre of this ongoing effort. Beginning his career as an apprentice refrigeration mechanic in the late ‘90s, his role has evolved into a key one for the industry, one which showcases Coates’ dedication to progressive approaches and customer satisfaction.

Now in his second year at Coates, Kurt has played a crucial role in helping the company carve a unique niche, helping it focus on delivering turnkey solutions that address power, compressed air, and climate control needs, ensuring seamless operations across various sectors.

When asked about his daily responsibilities, Kurt speaks candidly about the unpredictable nature of his workdays. “We try to build as much routine as we can, but duty and customers call, and days can often take unexpected turns,” he said.

Despite the fluctuating economic landscape, Kurt and his team remain focused on advancing temperature control equipment, a project that promises to bring significant benefits to the sector.

“Dedication to quality and customer satisfaction guides the team in developing solutions that are reliable, scalable, and responsive. We look to integrate with site activities and work with the customer to reach great outcomes in, what are often, very dynamic environments”.

Reflecting on his leadership style, Kurt says he tries to lead by example. “I won’t ask someone to do something that I wouldn’t or haven’t done myself,” he said. This philosophy has fostered a team that embodies a mix of expertise and dedication, moving Coates to a notable position in the industry.

The Power and HVAC team at Coates, selected by Kurt, reflects the company’s commitment to excellence and forward-thinking.

“We’ve built a team around complementary skills,” Kurt says, emphasising the strategic approach to assembling a group that enhances each other’s strengths. This collaboration is evident in the synergistic working relationships within the team, showcasing the ‘One Team’ spirit.

Setting Coates Power and HVAC apart from its competitors is the scale and footprint of the broader business. “It is genuinely set up for success,” he said.

Kurt notes that Coates encourages personal development and fosters a culture where progression is a reality, as seen in the career trajectories of many senior staff at the company.

In an industry known for continuous advancements, Kurt Edwards leads the Power and HVAC division at Coates with a defined vision. The focus is on promoting teamwork, fostering personal and professional growth, and delivering excellent customer solutions. Power and HVAC compliments Coates end to end solutions offering which includes Industrial Solutions, Engineering Solutions and Training.

Discover more about the approach that is paving the way for a bright future at Coates Power and HVAC.

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