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Engaging supply chain consultants

Engaging supply chain consultants

Extolla tells MHD the smartest industry leaders are engaging supply chain consultants and here’s why you should too.

Picture this: Efficient, agile, and resilient supply chain operations. Reduced costs. And effortlessly meeting customer expectations. Sounds too good to be true? Here’s how to make it happen: Bring in a specialised supply chain consultant.

Gone are the days of sales pitches and presentations. Today’s supply chain consultants are laser-focused on fast-tracking a supply chain from struggling to success. Leading the charge is Extolla, a specialised supply chain solutions provider where ‘end-to-end’ is not just talked about, but actually delivered.

“Many companies initially question the need for a consultant, but when they see the bottom-line improvements across their supply chain and happier customers, the value is obvious,” says Extolla CEO Peter Kendall.

Extolla works on a “C-I-O” formula – Consult, Implement, Operate – going beyond an advisory role to make supply chain changes happen, including training staff in new systems for long-term operational success.

“Whatever we recommend, we implement ourselves rather than leave you with a deck of presentation slides. This “skin in the game” approach means our clients have a supply chain producing fantastic outcomes with no wasted resources or time,” says Peter.

According to Extolla, here are five critical reasons businesses are using a supply chain consultant right now – and why you cannot afford to miss out:

  1. Industry expertise

With ESG reporting looming in 2024, increasing economic pressures and supply chain challenges, supply chain expertise has never been more in demand. Supply chain consultants are global supply chain experts with hands-on industry and project experience. In Extolla’s case, their team have previously been both customers and suppliers, giving the business a unique insight to solve your most complex supply chain issues quickly.

  1. Competitive advantage

An efficient supply chain with high customer satisfaction is a significant competitive advantage. Extolla’s actionable outcomes improve profitability across all areas of your supply chain so you stand out in the market.

  1. Value

Supply chain consultants save time, money, and resources by advising the right agnostic solutions from the start, helping businesses avoid costly mistakes. This technology agnostic approach is key to long term solution viability. Extolla clients pay for clear deliverables supported by a team with real commercial and operational supply chain experience to ensure on-budget and on-time results.

  1. Speed to market

A supply chain consultant gets things moving when internal resources have no time to research supply chain solutions and manage implementation. Extolla’s experts handle every physical and digital element of your supply chain transformation, taking the pressure and guesswork away.

  1. Access to the latest technologies and insights

What does a great supply chain look like? And what technology or systems does your business need to get there? A supply chain consultant has the answers. Market relativity data, network modelling, software, robotics, specialist IP – Extolla consultants put you front and centre of the latest systems, processes, insights, and technology, with a deep understanding of suitability for your business.

Explore how Extolla can transform your supply chain profitability and performance.

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