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Toll catering to the needs of Defence

Toll Defence

Warehousing and distribution solutions are, and have always been, crucial to the success of the Defence industry due to the constant state of operational readiness required.

When Defence sought a partner for their Commodity Reform Program (CRP), Toll Group (the supply chain and logistics experts who operating an extensive global network) leveraged its strong 4PL capabilities and industry collaboration to create the STOCCMANS system, specifically for Defence’s needs.

The key objective of CRP was to implement the Government’s smart-buying principles, using multiple suppliers across Australia to reduce costs and significantly improve the sourcing, procurement, delivery, and management of Defence commodities.

Toll combined capability, experience, and resources to effectively deliver on Defence requirements. Toll’s bespoke 4PL ordering system dubbed ‘the Amazon of Defence’ due to the breadth and functionality of its procurement and logistical capabilities, has been operating for nearly five years. By critically analysing data and managing the end-to-end creation and optimisation of the commodity supply chain, Toll has reduced the complexity and the administration burden of commodity procurement activities for Defence.

A well-managed warehousing and distribution network allows the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to adapt to changing operational requirements, whether it’s disaster relief efforts or military exercises. Having the right resources in the right place at the right time is critical. In times of crisis or conflict, a robust warehousing and distribution infrastructure ensures that essential equipment can be efficiently managed and delivered, even in challenging conditions.

An effective warehousing and distribution system provides a strategic advantage by improving the ADF’s ability to support allies and sustain military operations effectively. Investing in advanced warehousing and distribution solutions is essential for Defence to enhance its operational capabilities, logistical efficiency, security, and overall effectiveness in safeguarding the nation’s interests and security.

As a top 20 prime contractor to the ADF, Toll understands what Defence needs and how they can enable success.  Perry Singh, President of Toll Government and Defence, is proud and passionate about how the team can drive and influence evolution on behalf of Defence.  “As a strategic partner, we provide a broad range of services including warehousing, distribution, logistics, contingency and sustainment services, just to name a few”.

Mr. Singh believes in partnering with customers to create a deeper understanding of the customers’ requirements and offering innovative and cost-effective ways to create solutions. “When we better understand our customers unique business needs, we can tailor solutions for their success.” It’s this approach that has led them to deliver strategic relationships focused on providing the highest level of services for the best value.

Toll Group has unique and varied experience across a range of sectors including healthcare, retail, consumer, automotive, industrial, mining, energy, and technology. So, the learning, innovation, and ability to implement and revolutionise across sectors is an attractive proposition for any industry or partner seeking new ideas and evolution.

Toll is well-placed to deliver customised and integrated solutions enabling their partners to achieve success. Anywhere. Anytime.

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