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Supply chain players score new produce-tracking app

Produce-tracking app

Australian supply chain data provider, Escavox, has launched a new app expressly designed for operators who work with fresh food and other perishable consignments in the cold chain.

Instant phone alerts that warn of temperature breaches and notifications that announce the arrival of produce when reaching its destination, are just two of the features included in the new app.

“The unique and highly specialised needs of people who are in charge of moving food through the supply chain are at the heart of this app’s functionality,” says Escavox Chief Customer Officer, Nici Sanderson.

The world-leading technology deployed by Escavox allows food suppliers to see a live view of their produce as it moves through the global supply chain via smart trackers that capture time, temperature, location, light, humidity and movement.

The information is automatically analysed, and the key highlights conveyed in real-time to phone or desktop, explaining the impact the supply chain’s conditions are likely to have on the transiting produce, and who, or what, is at fault when operations perform poorly.

“We designed the new app so you can select which events you want to be notified of straight to your phone in the best possible way,” Nici explains.

Escavox Chief Customer Officer, Nici Sanderson.
Escavox Chief Customer Officer, Nici Sanderson.

“Escavox already provides this timely information through email alerts, but we knew we needed to do more. Our customers told us they wanted our real-time data faster and with more flexibility to further improve on the efficiencies they were gaining with our technology.”

In addition to the notifications, app users can link any additional data to their track at any time, such as images, PO numbers, and links to other systems, building a data-enriched environment that tells the real story of food moving through the supply chain.

“It means you have even sharper visibility of your produce in the supply chain from the convenience of your mobile phone, whether you’re on the farm, in the pack shed or distribution centre, or working on the retail floor,” adds Nici.

“Critical for the production end of the agricultural sector is being able to work on the app if you’re without internet connectivity. The app will immediately update when you come back online.”

Nici notes the app’s development followed feedback from customers who wanted easier access to the Escavox system’s real-time data when they were ‘on-the-go’.

Prior to launching the app, Escavox conducted pre-flight checks with several customers to gain assurance the app would meet expectations.

“We’ve consistently measured that when customers use our real-time data, they improve their supply chain’s performance by 20 per cent on average within the first 12 months of adoption,” concludes Nici.

The new Escavox app is available to download from AppStore (iPhone) or Play Store (for android devices). For more information go to

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