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Simplifying complexities with Extended Visibility

Extended Visibility solution

project44’s Margaret Selid explains to MHD how its Extended Visibility solutions simplify the complexities shippers are dealing with in the modern-day supply chain.

As global supply chains get increasingly complex, visibility becomes more critical. Still shippers struggle to track shipments across modes, nodes, and carriers, leading to reactive exception management that disrupts efficiency, driving up costs and eroding customer experiences.

project44’s new Extended Visibility solutions simplify some of the most complex scenarios facing shippers today, merging data streams from carriers and freight forwarders to deliver a single source of truth for goods in transit, eliminating costly blind spots and delivering visibility from door-to-door.

Read on for three ways Extended Visibility can simplify your supply chain:

  1. EliminatingCostly Visibility Gaps at Interchange Points

Problem: A lack of seamless multimodal visibility across pre-carriage, main leg, and on-carriage moves, especially for the 70 per cent of shipments that include a landside move handled by forwarders.

Solution: Because our Extended Visibility solutions connect shippers not just with every carrier in their network but every forwarder as well, we’re able to eliminate the blind spots at interchange points and provide a single snapshot view of the shipment’s entire journey. Such a consolidated and complete view leads to increased confidence, ensuring timely deliveries and satisfied customers.

  1. Automating Processes to Reduce Manual Effort 

Problem: Overreliance on manual processes to track shipments–navigating multiple systems, handling countless spreadsheets, and calling carriers and forwarders for updates. And without in-depth freight knowledge, it’s a challenge for team members managing customer orders to obtain the info they need, leading to reactive exception management and frustrated customers.

Solution: Extended Visibility reduces the manual effort required to achieve end-to-end visibility. Using proprietary data science techniques, we merge data from carriers, forwarders, and other sources to deliver a single source of truth with actionable insights and predictive ETAs. And since our platform links shipments to orders—including purchase orders, sales orders, stock transfer orders, etc.—team members across your organisation can easily get the information they need by the references they have, streamlining a process that could have taken hours or days to mere moments and making proactive exception management a reality. Simple.

  1. Delivering Global Visibility for Global Supply Chains 

Problem: Your supply chain is global, but most visibility solutions specialise in a mode or two in one part of the world but can’t provide comprehensive visibility in strategic regions, leading to poor inventory planning and excess safety stock.

Solution: project44 delivers visibility for more than one billion shipments annually moving across 186 countries. We’re the only provider with over-the-road visibility in China thanks to exclusive legal authorisation to transfer visibility data into and out of the country. Our broad and deep global coverage means our customers enjoy unparalleled visibility from the factory floor to the consumer’s doorstep—no matter where in the world the factory and the consumer are located.

The health of your business depends on an efficient supply chain 

We’d love to show you how our latest machine learning-powered innovations can help you make your supply chain work.

Margaret Selid, Senior PMM, project44

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