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Tennant keeping warehouses clean with scrubbers

Tennant cleaning equipment

Tennant tells MHD about its range of Walk Behind Scrubbers and Ride on Scrubbers, which businesses can use to keep their warehouses and DCs sparkling clean.

How To Conquest Cleaning With Tennant Scrubbers

Cleanliness is crucial in any industry, from manufacturing plants to healthcare facilities and retail floors. But when it comes to conquering your floor cleaning challenges, Tennant built machines are your ultimate allies. Tennant Company has been a trusted name for over 150 years, consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions across industries that have reinvented the way the world cleans today. Tennant’s Walk Behind Scrubbers and Ride on Scrubbers are renowned for their unparalleled quality, performance, and innovation, making them the superior cleaning equipment on your journey to conquest clean.

Superior Cleaning Performance

One of the primary advantages of Tennant scrubbers is their exceptional proof of performance. Designed to tackle a wide range of floor surfaces and cleaning challenges, from heavy industrial grime to daily maintenance routines of retail floors. Their powerful scrubbing capability is specifically designed for the intended application for example a down pressure ranging upwards of 25kgs on our CS16 Micro Walk Behind Scrubber to an impressive 181kg on our largest T20 Industrial Ride On Scrubber unmatched in the industry.

Tennant commercial and industrial equipment are engineered with productivity in mind. Built to cover more ground in less time, allowing your team to be more efficient and productive than ever. Combined with wide cleaning paths, larger solution and recovery tanks, and ergonomic designs that reduce operator fatigue, you can trust that your floors will be pristine and cleaned to the highest standards.

Adaptability For All Applications

Whether you need a compact walk-behind machine or a large industrial ride-on scrubber, Tennant has a solution. From cleaning hard concrete floors and tiled surfaces to sealed and laminate flooring, Tennant machines can be customized with tailored pads and squeegees to suit the specific needs of your facility. This adaptability ensures that your cleaning operations are not only efficient, but also tailored to maintain the integrity and cleanliness of different floor types, extending the life and appearance of your flooring investments.

Cutting Edge Cleaning Technologies

Tennant’s commitment to innovation is evident within the equipment functionalities. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology like ec-H2OTM,Nanoclean, Tennant ensures that their machines not only excel in cleaning performance, but also contribute to environmental sustainability and cost-efficiency. Additionally, the introduction of Tennant’s Autonomous Robotic Floor Scrubbers has revolutionized the cleaning landscape. These intelligent machines are equipped with cutting-edge, cameras, lidar (light detection and ranging) sensors and mapping technology, allowing them to navigate complex environments autonomously, allowing your staff to focus on other highly valuable tasks, and further streamlining your cleaning process.

As a leading manufacturer, Tennant has been a name that has resonated with cleaning professionals for over 150 years and has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and performance. With Tenant’s expansive range of cleaning equipment, they continue to redefine the cleaning landscape and paving the way for a new era to conquest cleaning.

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