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VTA Annual General Meeting sees leaders elected

VTA Annual General Meeting

At its 121st Annual General Meeting on Friday 10 November, the VTA Executive Council elected Murphy Transport Solutions CEO Cameron Murphy to the role of Vice President and re-elected President Mike Lean and Vice-President Dennis Ryan for further terms.

The Council also elected Silk Contract Logistics managing director Brendan Boyd to the Executive Council, further strengthening operator representation on the Council, which sets the strategic direction of the Association and supports its Secretariat.

“Since joining the Executive Council in 2020, Cameron has provided tremendous guidance and counsel during the disruptions of the pandemic and associated economic contraction. I’m pleased with his election as Vice President and look forward to his contributions over the coming year,” says CEO Peter Anderson.

“Brendan Boyd has been a terrific supporter of the VTA as a member and with his election to the Council I anticipate a strong and enduring contribution to the deliberations of the Executive Council. He’s a strong and talented business leader and knows transport and the real-world challenges faced by operators and suppliers, and we welcome him aboard,” Peter adds.

Delivering his fourth President’s Report since being elected to the role in 2019, Mike Lean acknowledged the Executive Council and Secretariat’s efforts and achievements this year.

“As a Victorian-based Association we have a strong focus on the issues that matter most to our Victorian members and associate members. This year we’ve had very strong engagement with stakeholders on local roads and infrastructure, with additional funding secured to repair and reinstate roads that were washed away in last year’s floods,” Mike says.

“Our strong relationship with the Victorian Government has been key to our successful execution of the Driver Delivery program, which has produced hundreds of new qualified drivers to the industry and is helping to ease driver shortages.”

Lean says it has been a busy 12 months at a federal level with the VTA’s membership of ARTIO seeing the Association closely involved with proposed Industrial Relations reforms.

“Through our sensible collaboration with transport stakeholders, we’re on the cusp of achieving many positive outcomes for our industry when it comes to minimum standards,” he says. “This will provide safety and productivity gains for operators and their workforce. This has created a great deal of goodwill between the Association, federal ministers and bureaucrats, and unions, which will benefit the VTA long-after the legislation is passed.”

Lean reported the Association is in great shape, financially, operationally, and reputationally, and that through the Secretariat’s efforts and persistence the VTA is well-regarded for its reasoned and common-sense input.

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