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Conquest unveils compact industrial electric sweeper with HEPA filtration

Conquest FSR-7 electric sweeper

Continuing its foray as a cleaning equipment innovation leader in Australia, Conquest proudly introduces a new compact sweeper model, which debuted in November at the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo.

The FSR-7 electric ride-on sweeper was displayed at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Corporate Account Development Manager Joel Pederick unveiled the latest innovation, sharing his excitement about the solution’s technology and features.

“The FSR-7 is the next generation sweeper, pushing productivity to the maximum in industrial facilities,” says Joel. “It attracted a lot of attention at ISSA. Offering a three-stage vacuum system with HEPA filtration, advanced manoeuvrability and operator comfort, and clever features such as a vacuum wand for harder-to-reach areas.”

A breath of fresh air: zero emissions + advanced HEPA filtration

Designed for the unique challenges of industrial and commercial sweeping, the Conquest FSR-7 is ideal for facility floor spaces spanning 5000 to 10,000 square sqm. Featuring 100 per cent electric operation with a three-stage HEPA filtration system, the FSR-7 is the single solution for a business’s Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) requirements.

“Even the finest dust is filtered, to maintain a safe and dust-free environment for anyone working in close proximity,” notes Joel.

Key features of FSR-7:

100 per cent electric operation: Embrace a cleaner, greener solution with the FSR-7’s 100 per cent electric operation, ensuring a zero-emission approach perfectly suited for environmentally conscious construction and masonry operations. 

HEPA filtration for health and safety: Prioritise the well-being of your workforce with the FSR-7’s advanced HEPA filtration. This breakthrough technology not only cleans floors but purifies the air, filtering out even the smallest particles. 

Tailored for industrial spaces: With an optimal cleaning range of 5000 to 10,000 sqm, the FSR-7 ensures thorough cleaning coverage for construction and masonry floor spaces of varying sizes.

Compact ride-on design: FSR-7’s compact ride-on design, allowing seamless navigation through construction sites and masonry spaces, reaching every corner with ease. 

Unmatched power and efficiency: Operate at an impressive speed of 7 km/h with the capability to run continuously for up to seven hours on a single battery charge, thanks to advanced lithium batteries.

Consistent clean with intuitive force technology: The Intuitive Force technology ensures a uniform clean, even on uneven surfaces, maintaining cleanliness standards in diverse construction and masonry terrains.

Australian demonstration tour: Conquest is taking the FSR-7 compact sweeper on tour, demonstrating at industrial facilities in East-Australian capital cities from now until the New Year.

For more information about the Conquest FSR-7, click here.

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