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TAFE NSW working to build maritime workforce

Maritime workforce

TAFE NSW is meeting the demand for maritime workers as the federal government commits to improving future maritime capability, with an Australian owned and crewed strategic fleet.

It says the Australian government recently committed to delivering a Strategic Fleet of up to 12 vessels, to help Australia build resilience to freight disruptions, while supporting the maritime workforce and sovereign capability.

“Port Botany, the Port of Newcastle, and Port Kembla are important gateways for trade, with over 4600 commercial vessels docking in these ports each year,” says Christopher Greentree, Director, Supply Chain & Ecommerce Skills Team, TAFE NSW.

“There are a wide range of job roles from deckhands, marine mechanics, and engineers to logistic and warehousing coordinators that keep this critical supply chain moving.”

Australia is the fifth largest user of shipping services in the world – relying on sea transport for 99 per cent of exports.

With a shortage of Australian flagged ships and high demand for skilled workers – the government says the Strategic Fleet would be relied on in times of national crisis and emergency, helping get vital goods to affected regions, and making Australia less reliant on international shipping.

“In the areas around Port Botany and in the Newcastle and Illawarra regions, marine transport professionals grew by nearly a third in the last 12 months,” adds Christopher.

“At TAFE NSW, people can get ahead of the jobs boom, and kick start their maritime career, choosing from a range of accredited courses providing in-demand skills and industry licencing to get ahead.”

TAFE NSW is addressing the maritime skills shortage by training a pipeline of future maritime workers, with Maritime courses offered from entry level to Advanced Diploma in several locations across the state.

CEO of Maritime Industry Australia Ltd (MIAL) Angela Gillham was a member of the taskforce. She says the report identifies the shortage of diverse maritime workers as a concern for Australia’s economic sovereignty.

For more information on TAFE NSW, click here.

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