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Are you equipping the fleets of the future? You should be at MEGATRANS2024

fleets of the future

In 2024, MEGATRANS will bring together the most leading-edge technologies, that will be equipping the fleets of the future.  

From electric vehicles, through to charging stations, telematics solutions and fleet management software, companies offering these advanced technologies will for the first time come together in one place. The special exhibition space will be offering fleet managers a glimpse of the solutions that will be taking them into the next decade.  

“Our vehicles are undertaking a once-in-a-century transformation, with the decarbonisation of transportation coming fast,” says Lauren Chartres, Show Director for MEGATRANS2024. “Technologies that were once out of reach are becoming a reality, and forward-thinking fleets are locking in their solutions now. Companies looking to play a part in fleets of the future need to be out there, at every opportunity available, to display their technology.”  

Fleets of the future is a new feature of MEGATRANS and is already selling out prime positions. To find out if it’s the right fit for you, click here for more information.  

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