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SCLAA welcomes new partner

Arup partnership

The Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) welcomes its newest platinum national partner – a British multinational professional services firm specialising in design, architecture, planning, and advisory services.

Dedicated to sustainable development, ARUP is a collective of designers, consultants and experts working globally. Founded to be humane and excellent, it collaborates with its clients and partners using imagination, technology, and rigour to shape a better world.

As an independent firm, with a trust structure, Arup has no external investors. The Australasia Region encompasses Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia, with a 3000-strong team providing consultancy services to government, corporate and community-based clients.

Every economy depends on efficient, data-driven and carefully planned movement of goods and materials. As the last few years have shown, global events can have sudden and significant implications for the local supply of goods and services. Arup helps clients to define and design logistics and freight strategies that ensure resilience across assets and operations.

Arup’s service begins by defining an organisation’s needs to develop its supply chain and logistics strategies. It then moves through to business case development and the planning and design of required interventions, how they will be delivered and plans for day-to-day operations. Arup’s approach is collaborative – it works closely with clients to ensure it delivers the right solution first time to achieve its clients’ objectives.

Arup recognises that the freight and logistics sector is facing transformational change. That means decarbonising the way goods and materials are moved around. It means taking advantage of automation, predictive machine learning and other emerging digital technology. There are ever more complex urban planning requirements and constraints shaping where and how sites operate. And there’s a growing need to run a resilient operation in an era of extreme weather. Arup helps clients to identify the specific risks they face and plan ahead.

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