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Dematic automating apparel DC

AS Colour automating Melbourne DC.

Dematic has announced that global wholesaler, retailer, designer, manufacturer and distributor of premium apparel, AS Colour, will transform its Melbourne DC with automation featuring a Dematic Multishuttle® goods-to-person (GTP) solution.

As a compact, high-throughput automated storage and picking system, Dematic notes its solution features high-density tote storage and sequenced order picking for better productivity.

The system is capable of processing varied order types, including small e-commerce orders, medium and large B2B orders, as well as retail store fulfilment.

“Dematic has been a really strong technology partner, helping us from a global perspective, and we see this as a long-term partnership as we continue to expand as a business in the future,” explains Lawrence Railton, Managing Director, AS Colour.

“We’re excited to again partner with Dematic on the Melbourne chapter of our automation.”

The modular, scalable Dematic Multishuttle at the Melbourne DC will be 18 levels high and four aisles storing over 55,000 totes, with additional capacity built in for projected future growth.

New Zealand-based apparel retailer automating its Melbourne DC with Dematic'sMultishuttle® goods-to-person.
New Zealand-based apparel retailer automating its Melbourne DC with Dematic’s Multishuttle® goods-to-person solution.

Product and order totes will be retrieved and delivered in the required sequence to GTP picking workstations for efficient, ergonomic, and accurate order picking.

“Due to our growth over the last 5–10 years, we have outgrown many distribution facilities. Rising demand led us to building a brand-new facility with the focus on automation,” adds Lawrence.

The system will be capable of sustainably delivering up to 1,500 product totes per hour across the five GTP picking workstations (an average of 300 product totes per hour to each independent picking workstation).

After orders are fulfilled at GTP workstations, order totes will be temporarily buffered within the Dematic Multishuttle before being released and conveyed to the packing sorter in precise order sequence to support efficient packing processes.

“AS Colour was the first company to choose the Dematic Multishuttle GTP solution in the New Zealand market,” says Seth van Dijk, Business Development Manager, Dematic.

“The Auckland system has 18 levels and features two aisles storing just under 20,000 totes with four ergonomic GTP workstations.”

Dematic Warehouse Control Software (WCS) will be an optimisation layer between the AS Colour’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and the automated equipment that provides the most efficient picking tasks and transportation of goods throughout the system.

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