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Revolutionising logistics with cutting-edge cold chain solutions at MEGATRANS2024

As part of its focus on sustainability, MEGATRANS2024 will examine cold chain solutions and how they can impact the whole chain function.  

To increase the focus on making the cold chain more sustainable, including reducing carbon emissions, minimising waste, and adopting eco-friendly technologies, MEGATRANS2024 will feature exhibitors working in this space as well as conference sessions covering the latest technologies, innovations and regulations.

“The challenge for MEGATRANS2024 is to unite the logistics industry in building a sustainable future,” Show Director, Lauren Chartres said. “By providing a forum for like-minded suppliers and industry leaders to connect to connect, across the exhibition, conference and jobs pavilion, we hope to play pivotal role in that process.”

Take advantage of the important opportunity MEGATRANS2024 presents.

Find out the benefits of exhibiting at MEGATRANS2024 by clicking here.

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