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Delivering big projects

A1 Precision is a one-stop-shop for clients with both warehousing and office needs. Image: A1 Precision.

MHD speaks to Armin Ordagic of A1 Precision Solutions to learn how A1 delivers bespoke projects for a variety of clients – on time, on budget, on brief, and with no fuss.

Our priority at A1 Precision Solutions is to be on time, on brief, and on budget,” says Armin Ordagic, General Manager Finance & Operations, at A1 Solutions. “A lot of people talk a big game about bespoke projects and promise the world, but it doesn’t matter if the project isn’t delivered on time, to the client’s brief, and within their budget. For us, it’s about delivering what the client actually wants in terms of output and quality.” 

Which isn’t to say A1 Precision Solutions – a one-stop shop for project management – doesn’t value innovation, too. But innovation done right comes naturally out of years of experience in project management. 

“At the end of the day, we like bespoke projects with unique challenges – projects that others wouldn’t have the capability to take on,” Armin says. “At A1 we have the depth and breadth of experience to deliver the right solution for our clients – whether it’s simple or innovative. We put a lot of trust in our expert specialists to discern what’s right for the client. And it’s out of this real-world focus and decades of experience solving real problems that the best innovation comes.”

A1 has been in business for more than twenty years, and over time has developed a team uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive commercial and industrial turnkey building solutions. 

A1 provides complete services for commercial buildings and industrial facilities. This includes fit-outs and extensions for offices, refurbishments of building exteriors, end-of-lease services, cool room and freezer builds and maintenance, showrooms, maintenance, and assistance with plans and permits.

It also offers a full suite of services for warehouse operations, including layout design, workflow optimisation, installation of Australian-made pallet racking, shelving, mezzanines, materials handling equipment, safety consultancy, line marking, fencing, and WorkSafe compliance solutions.

On top of these, it also handles supply chain and logistics consultancy, civil works, and all aspects of warehouse storage solutions, including various types of racking systems, conveyor systems installation, safety inspections, and reconfigurations.


“What sets us apart is that we’re a one-stop-shop for larger projects, particularly for those clients who have both warehousing and office needs – which is most of them,” Armin says. “We can do the whole project. Rather than getting someone who will do your racking or materials handling, and someone else to do the office side – we do it all. Having a single point of contact in this complex world is something our clients really value.”

It’s certainly something that Supacat – a leading manufacturer of high-tech mobility defence vehicles – valued when they recently engaged A1. Providing as it does sophisticated military equipment to government buyers around the world, Supacat needed to be sure that, when they moved their office and warehouse to a new location, the transition would be seamless. 

“Supacat were moving to a new office and warehouse location in Port Melbourne,” Armin says. “Not only did they need a brand-new office fit-out for their new space, their old space needed to be returned to its original state in an additional make good project. Like their old premises, their new location had an on-site warehouse, so a warehouse fit-out was needed as well. 

“Because Supacat were moving, we needed to finish the fit-out for their new office and warehouse before relocating their office and beginning the end of lease work. This was a back-to-back project that relied on finishing the fit-out work on time in order to proceed to the next part of the project. Both we and Supacat were happy that a single company was taking on the entire project. That way they had to work with only one company, and we had great control of the timelines for all aspects of the entire build, fit-out, and make-good.”

A1 is a boon for large projects as they bring so many capabilities under one roof. Image: A1 Precision.
A1 is a boon for large projects as they bring so many capabilities under one roof. Image: A1 Precision

The project was more than just a turnkey full office and warehouse design and construction. In addition to a complete design of the new space, there followed permit-seeking, construction, and more. 

“Then we had to finalise the occupancy of Supacat’s old space,” Armin adds. “There’s end-to-end projects, but this project went end-to-end on one part of the project before being immediately followed by another separate part of the project.”

The office and warehouse fit-out part of the project was for a two-storey office and nearly 2000 square metres of warehouse space. The project included:

  • Architecturally designed kitchen and reception area;
  • Creation of new partition walls throughout the building as well as removal of old partitions to create new floorplan;
  • Refurbishment and recarpeting of separate warehouse office;
  • Improvements and repairs to building safety;
  • Installing racking in warehouse; and 
  • Minor repairs and cosmetic changes.

After creating the new space for them, A1 then had to make-good the previous property, a job which included repair work, general cleaning, repainting, and other make-good services. 

“We’re not sure who’s more pleased with the results: we here at A1 Precision Solutions or Supacat,” Armin says. “This project took the right organisation and timelines to get it done for the client, and we’re proud that we accomplished it. Meanwhile, Supacat are happy with their new office which has a clean and modern fit-out.”

These are the kinds of projects at which A1 excels. And the A1 team is able to excel because it’s built on a foundation of two experienced, hands-on Directors who’ve brought the best people inside the A1 tent to meet any and every challenge.

Directors Andrew Becic and Darko Balaban started A1 Precision Solutions more than 20 years ago as pallet racking installers. Darko, a qualified carpenter, and Andrew – who holds a Masters in International Relations – combined unique talents from the outset in starting a business in the industrial sector. 

“Operating from Darko’s farm shed originally, they gained momentum and soon moved to a warehouse with offices,” Armin says. “In 2015 they were offered a Colby distributorship and have been the owners of Colby Dandenong since then – in addition to the A1 brand. So Darko and Andrew really built this business from the ground up. They started in pallet racking but have grown the team continuously since then to include a diverse range of talents – and by extension comprehensive service offering – as possible.

“They know that two people can’t do it all – so they’ve found the best people and aren’t afraid to give credit where credit is due. 

“Another thing we’re big on is open communication and accountability with clients. If there’s a delay, we talk to the client; if we’re unsure of anything, we’ll call to verify.” 

But while open communication about objectives is crucial, the key A1 advantage is the fact that clients can safely leave the project in A1’s hands and rely on them to get the job done: a one-stop-shop for on-time, on-budget, on-brief project delivery. 

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