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Enhancing data accuracy in package identification


SICK tells MHD about its new advanced track and trace system designed to enhance data accuracy and elevate customer experience and the five main benefits of using this solution.

Accuracy in package identification is crucial in modern logistics. When each package reaches its correct destination on time, trust is built, and customer satisfaction is bolstered.

Missteps, however, can erode this trust and become destructive for businesses. Enter SICK’s RFMS Pro, an advanced track and trace system designed to enhance data accuracy and, in turn, elevate customer experience. Here’s how this system can boost logistics operations.

SICK’s Radio Frequency Modular System1 is a top-tier, high throughput system in which businesses can invest in for process optimisation and transparency in the delivery chain. It combines the best of RFID technology, a smart control system, and sensors that pinpoint a package’s location on a conveyor. What makes it even more unique? It’s flexible. You can easily adjust it to fit different logistical needs.

But what truly makes the RFMS Pro indispensable is its promise of complete transparency in the supply chain. It does this by ensuring accurate identification of packages, leading to fewer mistakes, reduced misplaced items, and ultimately, happier customers.

Benefits of Using the RFMS Pro for Enhanced Package Identification

  • Design Versatility: The system’s range of tunnel design options, stemming from two standard modules, minimises the planning and design work. This adaptability ensures the system fits seamlessly into different logistical environments.
  • Quick Commissioning and Integration: Minimal installation time is required, thanks to the easy commissioning of the modules. Furthermore, integration with SICK’s 4Dpro means adding barcode scanners to an application has never been simpler.
  • High Throughput: The RFMS Pro’s design enables minimal space between objects, ensuring faster processing and higher throughput.
  • Cost-Effective and Reliable: A maintenance-free design combined with high-quality components from a single source ensures not only reliability but also savings in time and money.
  • Complete Transparency: The integrated service, monitoring, and diagnostic tools, coupled with data output on interfaces like Ethernet, ensure a seamless flow of accurate information.

The RFMS Pro finds its applications in a myriad of industries, including retail, logistics, storage, automotive, and airports. It serves pivotal functions such as:

  • Master data acquisition of items, popularly known as “item level tagging”.
  • Verification of goods received against payment advice, ensuring no discrepancies in transactions.
  • Control over goods receipt and issue, offering an extra layer of oversight.
  • Identification of closely positioned objects on conveyor belts, ensuring no mix-ups in delivery.

In essence, whether it’s group or single tag detection, or ensuring accurate package identification for those closely placed on conveyor belts, the RFMS Pro promises efficiency.

In an era where customer satisfaction hinges on the accuracy and timeliness of deliveries, solutions like the RFMS Pro emerge as invaluable. For logistics companies, embracing such advanced track and trace systems is not just a pathway to operational efficiency but a sure-fire strategy to win customers’ trust.

By ensuring that the right package reaches the right customer at the right time, companies can cultivate loyalty and foster long-term relationships. After all, in the world of logistics, accuracy is not just about getting the job done – it’s about making every customer feel valued and satisfied.

Discover more about SICK’s innovative solutions  and how they can redefine your logistical operations.


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