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VTA congratulates ARTIO on closing loopholes

The Victorian Transport Association (VTA) tells MHD about the Fair Work Legislation Amendment passing in the senate and what it means for the transport, freight, and logistics industry.

After its passage in the Senate with amendments last Friday, the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing the Loopholes) Bill 2023 has now passed the House of Representatives and will become law after receiving the assent of the Governor General.

The VTA wishes to congratulate the Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation, along with NatRoads, TEACHO, the TWU, and the National Road Freighters’ Association for their work over many, many months on this legislation. In my capacity as National Secretary of ARTIO, it has been a pleasure to work with such incredibly passionate people on legislation that is good for the industry, along with the VTA and our broader membership.

For those unaware, the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing the Loopholes) Bill 2023, under Part 16 directly refers to the establishment of a Road Transport Advisory Group (RTAG) within the Fair Work Commission. This will be the initial body of reference in raising specific issues that currently degrades the equality and fairness within the workplace and contractual chains.

Through our ARTIO membership, the VTA supported advocacy that will deliver the road transport industry a more effective framework to address the many industrial relations gaps within the industry. This has been achieved with the passage of the legislation.

The beneficiaries of the ongoing improvements will be those business operators, drivers and logistics workers that will come into the road freight industry in the decades to come.”

This legislation – and its implications for the industry – will be discussed at length at the VTA State Conference 2024, next month at Silverwater Resort, Phillip Island.

A special Minimum Standards and industrial relations session featuring speakers from ARTIO, TWU, NatRoads and others will lead the discussion, and I urge you and your colleagues with any questions about the new legislation, to join us at the conference.

Victorian Transport Association

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