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Lean, green lifting machines

The Combi-CB70E, is the latest addition to Combilift’s range of electric machines. Image: Combilift.

Find out how Combilift’s latest electric innovation – the Combi-CB70E – is taking both operational efficiency and operator comfort to the next level.

Since developing world’s first engine-powered multidirectional forklift – the C4000 – Irish manufacturer Combilift has not taken its foot off the innovation pedal. And having recently celebrated its quarter-century anniversary in 2023, the company marked the occasion with the debut of several exciting new products.

One such product, the Combi-CB70E, is the latest addition to Combilift’s range of electric machines. Launched alongside a handful of new products, including the Combi-CUBE, as part of the manufacturer’s 25-year celebrations, the bright green multi-directional forklift is a testament to Combilift’s commitment to innovation.

Colin Gray, Combilft’s Regional Manager for Norway and Finland, says the CB70E combines both well-established and newly developed features to set a new bar for lifting efficiency – even in tough conditions.

“We see a lot of applications such as sawmills where the yards aren’t paved, so operators are often dealing with rough surfaces and potholes,” he says.

“With the CB70E’s extra-large wheels, we see applications like these as a huge potential market for us. That’s a big reason we launched the machine at the Ligna international timber and woodworking show in May 2023 – and we’ve had a lot of interest in it since then.

Combining a 7000kg lift capacity with a small footprint and excellent manoeuvrability, the CB70E has been designed to enable operators to move bulky loads more easily in tighter areas.

“Typically, counterbalanced forklifts will measure 3.5m from the face of the fork the back of the machine,” Colin says. “So, operators will need a certain amount of clearance if they’re turning into an aisle with a load of timber. With the CB70E, that measurement is 2.68m – almost a metre smaller.”

Combined with the CB70E’s multi-directional design, Colin says, the manoeuvrability benefits are essentially doubled.

“We see this as a huge benefit in both timber and steel applications,” he says. “For anybody handling awkward loads of seven tonnes or more, manoeuvrability is key.”

Another stand-out feature of the CB70E is its Red Dot Award-winning independent traction system, which eliminates the need for differential lock on slippery surfaces and reduces long load momentum twisting when travelling laterally.

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