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Secure your spot at Körber’s Experience Centre Open Day

During each 45-minute session, attendees will have the chance to deep-dive with experts. Image: Körber.

Körber is hosting its Experience Centre Open Day at its Melbourne head office on Thursday March 21. Providing attendees an opportunity to explore Körber’s range of supply chain solutions and discover how they can help conquer supply chain complexity.

During each 45-minute session, attendees will have the chance to deep-dive with experts on Körber’s range of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), including their Goods-to-Person and Person-to-Goods solutions, which help to streamline operations, reduce labour costs, and enhance accuracy and scalability.

Körber’s Goods-to-Person solution offers simple training, storage flexibility, and high SKU churn – ideal for large warehouses with limited personnel. Its Person-to-Goods solution optimises traditional aisle-picking, reducing travel and congestion while enhancing accuracy and scalability.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to experience Körber’s Voice-Directed Picking solution and Warehouse Management System.

Voice-Directed Picking allows users to pick their orders in a more natural way through conversation, enabling eyes-free and hands-free picking, improving employee wellbeing. Enabling warehouse operators to focus on the task at hand while increasing productivity and accuracy.

Körber’s leading WMS supports the needs of both small to medium-sized warehouses and complex enterprise organisations by efficiently managing processes, inventories, and resources. Körber experts will deep dive into its configurable functionality enabling companies to achieve optimal efficiencies and real-time insights.

With the events 11am session now fully booked, register to attend the 9am or 10am session via this link. Once the form is submitted, if approved and available, the applicant will be booked into their session of choice.

For more information on Körber, click here.

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