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Feature in MHD May – 3PLs, 4PLs and 5PLs 

This May, MHD Supply Chain Solutions magazine is shining its focus on the transformative power of 3PLs, 4PLs, and 5PLs for procurement, purchasing and supply chain managers and executives – and we’re extending an exclusive invitation to businesses within and adjacent to these sectors.

Our focus is to illuminate the multifaceted benefits and innovations brought by: 

  • 3PL Providers: Share how your logistics solutions are reshaping warehousing, distribution, and fulfilment services, offering a tactical advantage in today’s dynamic market. 
  • 4PL Innovators: Highlight your role as strategic integrators, showcasing how you orchestrate complex supply chain solutions that drive efficiency and optimise operations on a global scale. 
  • 5PL Visionaries: Demonstrate how your network-centric approach leverages advanced technologies to streamline entire supply networks, offering unparalleled insights and efficiencies in e-commerce and beyond. 

We also welcome participation from businesses that complement 3PLs, 4PLs and 5PLs by offering innovative ancillary services.

By featuring in this May’s issue of MHD Supply Chain Solutions, you’ll not only highlight the unique value of your services but also connect with potential clients looking to navigate the complexities of modern logistics.  

The advertising offer includes 

  • 1 x Full-page advertisement for May (ad material to be supplied). 
  • 1 x EditorialFeature. 
  • EditorialFeatureto be written for you by an MHD journalist. 
  • EditorialFeatureto appear on MHD website and be distributed through MHD social media channels and twice-weekly newsletter. 

Expressions of interest close Tuesday 02 April 2024. For more information, please contact: 

Will Jenkin
Business Development Manager, MHD Supply Chain Solutions
0478 820 221 

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