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Linde introduces Experience Hub

The Linde Experience Hub covers the spectrum from theory to practice. Image: Linde Material Handling.

Linde Material Handling has introduced its Linde Experience Hub at its 5500 sqm headquarters in Aschaffenburg, Germany, noting it is a testament to its dedication to innovation and engineering excellence.

This dynamic space designed to inspire innovation offers a range of activities, from training sessions and product presentations to interactive workshops and customer demonstrations, the Linde Experience Hub covers the spectrum from theory to practice.

“The Linde Experience Hub again demonstrates advancing boundaries of benchmarking, in outstanding technology, offering productively safe and sustainable solutions – a testament to Linde’s unwavering commitment to innovation,” says Joshua Naffine, International Key Accounts at Linde Material Handling.

In addition to theoretical knowledge and work, the Hub also features practical applications, includes a high-bay warehouse with open spaces such as a driving area with truck ramps and various exhibition areas. Here, Linde’s solutions and innovation expertise can be fully experienced.

Linde Material Handling Australia recently invited senior stakeholders from a leading Australian retail chain to visit the Linde Aschaffenburg factory and Linde Experience Hub.

Led by Joshua Naffine (International Key Accounts) and Leigh Atallah (Director – Sales & Marketing), the visit showcased the high level of automation and robotics used in building Linde’s world-class equipment.

The Linde Experience Hub especially captivated the material handling company’s visitors’ attention, providing a front-row seat to the latest innovation, technology, and safety advances made by Linde Material Handling.

The Linde Experience Hub serves as more than a showcase; it stands as an environment where new ideas thrive, marking Linde’s leadership in technological advancements and innovative solutions.

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