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SCLAA partners with automation enterprise

The HaiPick A42T-E2 and the HaiPick System 3

The Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) has partnered with an automation global enterprise, which officially entered the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) market in July 2021.

Established in 2016, Hai Robotics is committed to gathering global talents to push forward the progress of human civilization using robotics technology.

Its goal is to empower every warehouse and factory with logistics robots. The HaiPick solution is the world’s first Autonomous Case-handling Mobile Robot (ACR) system.

Unlike other existing autonomous mobile robot solutions, it intelligently identifies desired totes and cartons, rather than the entire rack, and autonomously brings them to the workstation.

With their HaiPick systems, companies can deploy warehouse automation solutions in their storage facilities within one to two months upon equipment arrival in most regions and cases.

HaiPick has increased warehouse operation efficiency by three to four times and storage density by 80 per cent to 400 per cent for clients including DHL Supply Chain, BEST Supply Chain, Philips, and many others.

The robotic warehouse solutions have been implemented in various industries, including fashion, 3PL, retail, electronics, healthcare, and e-commerce.

In 2022, Hai Robotics established its Sydney office in Australia. The office, run by a dynamic young team, includes a general manager, sales manager, engineer manager, and project team to bolster customer support.

Despite being a new team, they have delivered successful projects with prominent clients in Australia such as Harvey Norman Commercial (via partner BPS global), Kmart, Umall, and Aris Health and Roadtech.

For more information on the SCLAA, click here.


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