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Monitoring assets with CFM

If anyone misuses the machine or if there’s an accident, the Conquest FM user can establish who the operator is. Image: Conquest Equipment.

Sales Director at Conquest Equipment, Ben Mathews, talks to MHD about the industrial cleaning company’s new Fleet Management System and how it provides real-time visibility of, and data related to assets no matter where they’re located.

Conquest Equipment is introducing its new Conquest Fleet Management system which is designed to bring a central viewpoint to customers’ assets all in a single portal, allowing them to log in and keep track of their machines’ locations. 

With Conquest’s clients running cleaning equipment in industrial sites spread across Australia, it’s essential they can view their solutions at any one time and find out specific information about each of these items in terms of their life, utilisation, battery condition, and more. 


The Conquest FM is capable of storing a range of insightful and useful information, including a cleaning solution’s health status, indicating whether it’s due for maintenance, or if there are any technical – either software or hardware issues – such as impact and battery-related issues. 

“We plan to integrate the Conquest FM with our service system,” says Ben Mathews, Sales Director, Conquest Equipment. 

He notes utilisation – especially with regards to a large fleet – can help Conquest’s clients identify which cleaning assets are being underutilised. It can also indicate if the machine is no longer needed at a site. This allows users to switch units around or move them between sites to get better utilisation across their entire fleet. 

It provides statistics on the usage, so clients can look at the cost of cleaning throughout their whole business rather than site by site and provides metrics for tracking hours. 

“Many companies rent or buy their assets,” adds Ben. “Sometimes they will sit there for years, underutilised or unused. When a new manager comes into the business and audients all assets, they sometimes find equipment in the back of a facility, underutilised because the previous manager hasn’t bothered to        check them. 

“It brings a greater level of accountability because everyone in the business can see what’s going on, without even having to go to the site. 

Ben Mathews, Sales Director, Conquest Equipment. Image: Conquest Equipment.
Ben Mathews, Sales Director, Conquest Equipment. Image: Conquest Equipment.

“The system also has a pre-start checklist, which the operator needs to complete before using the machine. This is a safety mechanism, tracking the user and ensuring risks are reduced and the machine is fit for operation.”

If anyone misuses the machine or if there is an accident, the Conquest FM user can identify the operator. This information can be used for training, incident reporting, and even performance management.

Unauthorised usage can be prevented through the QR system – this provides an authorisation key to the user to activate the machine. The operator can also log in with a question-and-answer option. If the answer is incorrect, the machine will immobilise.


Managers of large fleets will benefit from the Conquest FM. They can monitor their assets from afar without having to visit each facility, saving them both time and money. With this real-time visibility, the manager can see if their warehouse or DC has been cleaned, and the duration of this process. 

Asset, fleet managers and MHE coordinators can review and manage multiple assets across multiple sites with ease and this helps with informed, data-driven decision making. 

The Conquest FM also helps with customised reporting. These reports contain information that can be sent to the central manager via email or text notifications at any time of the day or night – especially in the case of an emergency. 

They can also set it up, so they’re sent to users on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, and access asset information by logging into the dashboard. The data can then be shared with others who aren’t logged into the user groups such as members of the board, leadership teams, and other key stakeholders.

“Conquest FM is a bolt-on system, meaning it can be used with both existing and new Conquest cleaning equipment,” explains Ben. “Managers can add Geo-fencing to certain assets, to ensure machines are restricted to dedicated areas with in facilities.

“This is important because equipment can sit on a low battery for a while or remain idle in the back of a warehouse without anyone noticing. It helps managers with fleet utilisation and reallocating machines to sites where they’re needed, increasing uptime and decreasing downtime.

The Conquest Fleet Management System is a single portal tracking assets across multiple sites. Image: Conquest Equipment.
The Conquest Fleet Management System is a single portal tracking assets across multiple sites. Image: Conquest Equipment.

“Managers can ensure contractors are spending sufficient time on task, and they’re getting what they paid for in the contract of sale. For example, if the contractor is meant to sweep a facility for two hours a day, but the manager finds they’re only sweeping for 30 minutes a day, they can hold them accountable for not fulfilling their end of the bargain.” 

From the safety aspect, the pre-start feature is the key to guaranteeing operators are trained in and are using the equipment properly. Audits are regularly conducted. A safety compliance officer will always ask for reports, which means a fleet manager can show all this relevant information using the Conquest FM. 

This solution is completely customisable. “Let’s say the filter in the machinery doesn’t have a daily maintenance check, but you can add a safety switch to it, which then becomes part of the pre-start,” says Ben. “If the filter hasn’t been pulled out then put back in, it won’t allow you to mobilise the machine.”

“There haven’t been many of these sorts of systems designed for cleaning equipment. Most have been designed for excavation equipment and forklifts. You can apply the Conquest FM across your whole cleaning equipment fleet regardless of its age. It can be used on both existing and new fleets, meaning businesses don’t need to update their entire fleet to experience the benefit.” 

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